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I know a lot of you have older kids and I was wondering if anyone has the Leappad by leap frog. My son turns 4 in June and I want to get it for him. What do you think of it??

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We got the V-Tech InnoTab for DD, who is almost 3. She figured it out in minutes and LOVES playing. I played around with both at the store and they are so very similar, with similar games - the V-Tetch Unit is cheaper but the games are the same price. The LeapPad does have the camera, but other then that I didn't find any other feature different really.

Happy Buying - I think they are pretty awesome!

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We got a kindle fire after looking at the prices for the games for the leappad. He does really well with it, the apps are cheap or free and we all use it. I figure by the time we bought a few games and accessories we'd be out of pocket about the same amount. We did get the explorer for Christmad and still haven't bought a game yet for it. I do love love love most of leapfrogs products but the value wasn't there for our family.

Eta- I love how many free books we get too. We have amazon prime and travel slot so its nice to have somethiing that will read to him, let him play a movie or a game and then have books that we can change for free all the time for bedtime.

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In May I bought an iPad 1st generation on ebay (used, and for a very reduced price). I share it with my daughter (she's 2yrs, 4 months). It's been amazing. She has been using it since she was about 22 months and has learned so much (along with me teaching her). She knows all the sounds the letters make, and is started to sound words out. She can count up past 20. Knows colors, shapes (even things like crescent and hexagon). So I'm hugely in favor of iPads, Kindle Fires, LeapPads, or the Vtech one. Plus I get to use it too! (When she goes to bed haha).

I turn on the "restrictions" so she can't download new apps, can't delete old apps, she can't go web surfing or access youtube, and she can't make "in-app purchases" so it's pretty safe. She can only access the apps that are already on the device.

"Duck Duck Moose" makes some AWESOME preschool/toddler apps for iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone.

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I bought the leappad for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it. I have to sometimes put a limit on it cause she could play it call day. The games are a little expensive and it stinks that you can't get demo versions of games/apps like on the iPad. But I think it's worth the money!!