Lets go baby!!

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Lets go baby!!

Okay, I am trying not to be whiney, just getting a tad impatient here!! 4 days overdue! With my first I had her 4 days over and second right on the due date. I guess I somehow had in my head the 3rd wouldn't be the longest of the 3! I'm ready, lets go little one!! No signs here...lost my plug on wednesday, which doesn't mean much for me, with my second I was still a week out from having her!

That being said...I have a dr appt on monday. Assuming I make it, I am SURE he will be talking about setting an induction date. What questions should I have prepared to ask about a possible induction? I am going to attempt to push the date as far as I can, but he's made it pretty clear he doesn't let his patients go too far over the 41 week mark....

Thanks ladies!

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If you're willing to wait past 41 weeks, you could offer to go for extra monitoring so they are more comfortable and keeping an eye on baby while he bakes. You could ask about how they would specifically plan to induce you, and if you have a preferred method, you could bring that up with your reasons why. Have they tried a membrane sweep?