Lily Rose Birth Story

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Lily Rose Birth Story

Sunday June 10: I'd given up ever going into labor. I went on a long walk, a few miles, by myself, and then spent the day with my family.
Monday June 11 3 AM: I woke up to familiar, painful period like cramps. This had happened the week prior, so I just dozed through them. My daughter and husband were sleeping in the bed next to me and I'd wake up to a contraction, look at them, and then fall back asleep. Finally at 7 AM the contractions were too painful to stay in bed. I got up and took a shower. Then timed them. A steady 5-6 minutes apart.
We went into the doctor about 9 AM. My contractions had got steadily more painful and around 5 minutes apart.
I was checked once we got there, only dilated 1 cm for all that work! My husband dropped our daughter off at a friend's house and came back to the labor room to be with me. I spent some time in the tub, the rocking chair, and pacing the room, trying to manage my contractions. I was checked again around 1 PM, only to find I hadn't dilated any more.
I was very depressed after feeling contractions since 3 AM and almost started crying. Everyone saw how much pain I was in, but were very respectful of my wish for a natural birth and didn't push anything on me. I asked for an epidural at this point.
The anesthesiologist wasn't the best, and it took a while to get it in. I had about 3 hours "rest" with the epidural in. Good thing that I did, since my mom flew up from California that day, and my husband left the hospital to make sure she was settled at our house with our daughter. He came back to the hospital just as my epidural... decided not to work.
Great. I chose some pain relief, only to have it stop working! the anesthesiologist was apologetic, but said this happens and he really couldn't do anything.
I said, well, here we go for a natural birth anyway! I panicked. Totally flipped out. That lasted a few minutes, then I got myself together, told my husband how he could help me through contractions, and away we went. Once I emptied my bladder completely, around 6 PM (for some reason it was hard for me to relax enough to) my water broke and labor got even more intense. Contractions were steadily three minutes apart and I was dilating- not as fast as I'd like, but I was.
I didn't really open my eyes at all, just moaned and counted through each contraction. It was pure misery.
New nurses would come on shift and I wouldn't even open my eyes to look at them.
Finally, around midnight, I started to feel the urge to push. I told the nurse, being worried they'd try to stop me or something, but they were unconcerned. "Ok, push a little if you feel like it," They'd say.
I dilated completely around 12:15, and at 12:30 the most overwhelming urge to push came over me. I didn't feel this with my daughter's birth as I had an epidural that time that worked.
I started yelling, I have to push! My doctor was so calm and encouraging. I only wanted to push on my side, and she said, push however you're comfortable.
let me say pushing with no pain relief is horrible! I was terrified of the pain, but the more I pushed the more I got tired of it, so I said, screw this, let's get this baby out of here! I kept feeling her slide down, then be sucked back up a little after my pushing, and was sick of that sensation, and finally at 1:15 AM or so, I pushed her head and hand and arm out. The rest of her slid out pretty easy and again, it was the BEST sensation to be empty of a baby!
She came out pink, alert, happy, and sweet, she nursed right away like a champ.
I had a tiny tear, but I felt great, and am shocked I pushed out a 9 pound 5 ounce baby with her hand on her face without much damage!
My milk came in day two, thanks to my vigorous little eater, and we've been loving having a newborn. Really. She's a joy and I'm so happy she's here, and out of me Smile






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Congratulations!!! Amazing what our bodies can do, and no wonder it was hard pushing when she had that little hand up by her face! I know that can change everything. But you did it!

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Great story. Smile It sounds like you did wonderful. Congratulations!

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Good job!!!! How intense......glad you made it through. You must be a very strong woman! You deserve every ounce of newborn yumminess these days bring you.


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Yay!!! She is just precious. Our bodies are amazing. You did it!!! Nuchal hand and all! And I know how those feel compared to other births-- so your natural birth was not like most!

She is beautiful-- and your Penelope looks just like you. Love it!

What a sweetheart. Congrats, mama!

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Wow, what an amazing story! So glad it all went well! Love your DD's curls!! And Lily is adorable!!

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What an intense experience, thanks for sharing. Congrats!