A little humor....

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A little humor....

Trying to induce labor with twins! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pb_AcnR5Tw8&feature=youtu.be

I seriously rolled with laugher....until laughing so har made me nauseous....then I ate some crackers.

Enjoy! lololol

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Wow, There's no way I could do that 40 weeks pregnant with one baby let alone TWO! :eek: Dirol

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I saw that video this weekend and loved it.....Way to go, mama! Two babies and made it to 40+4-- awesome!

Womens' bodies are amazing!

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She is so cute! At first I was just staring at the screen, shocked. Then her husband busted out of no where with the bandana tied around his head and I couldn't help but laugh!!

On a side note, I have done this twice before, and from what I remember, that side to side motion plus the jumping... would have killed me :eek: .. lol