Lucas... updated post 12:)

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Lucas... updated post 12:)

is coming home on Saturday (barring any complications)! I went in on Monday, spoke to the doctor... nothing had really changed, we were still just waiting for him to want to eat... that night he yanked his g tube out again and his AWESOME nurse was like okay, let's just leave it out and see how he does. I went home and called the next day, fully expecting to hear that they had to put his tube back in.. but NO! He took all of his feeds by bottle and took the whole thing almost every time! So his day nurse started talking about prepping for discharge.. I was like whaaaa! It's all happening so fast! Haha, you think I'd be prepared, but after hearing oh he will be home by his due date then not even 24 hours later hearing okay, he's almost ready, was quite a shock. I am so happy though. He gets to do his car seat test tonight or tomorrow then Friday I'm rooming in with him... from that point he should get to come home with me! On Friday he will be 4 weeks old and I am so ready for him to come home so we can get into a routine.

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That would be wonderful! I hope everything works out and he can come home!!! Hope you're feeling better too.

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That is wonderful news!!!

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That's awesome news!! Yay Lucas!!

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Yay! What a relief!!!! Smile

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That's GREAT news!!! Yahoo

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Hope you are in baby bliss at home!

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He is home and we are so happy! I am loving having him here AND not going to the hospital. Last night I was so uncomfortable rooming in with him because the bed SUCKED! lol. I barely got any sleep but I took care of him all night and we were all good. He's been home since about noon and has slept most of the day (I gotta keep reminding myself that really he's only 37 weeks gestation right now, barely a newborn!). DH is loving having him home too.. he's super attentive and has been holding him the last hour... I think he hated not being able to go see him very much. Savannah is doing okay...we all need to adjust.

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That is awesome! I am glad youare adjusting at home so well!

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So glad you're home!

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Fantastic news! So excited for you!!!