Lucas's birth story... long!

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Lucas's birth story... long!

4/25/12 - I called my doctor for a blood pressure check. Mommy intuition is real! I had the feeling something was wrong and am so glad I followed up, since I didn't have an appointment for another week. My blood pressure was 170/110 at the doctor's office. They sent me to the hospital for monitoring. I was admitted and my doctor eventually came in and said we were going to do a 24 hour urine draw to check my protein levels and give me the first steroid shot to help Lucas' lungs. He also put me on blood pressure meds, which helped to bring down my BP to around 150/100ish. Oh and my labs were perfect. My liver was functioning fine.

4/26/12 - This entire day was a waiting game. We needed to finish the urine draw and get the 2nd steroid shot, and those wouldn't be done until at least 9 PM that night. I was pretty bored... Josh was really busy at work and my parents were watching Savannah. My best friend came over during her lunch break, but that was pretty much the only company I had until Josh got off of work that night. We finished my urine draw and got Lucas his last shot... unfortunately the results wouldn't be in until the morning... boo! Labs again, we're good.

4/27/12 - Lucas's Birthday! Around 8 AM, right after I had finished breakfast (thank god) my nurse came in and told me my doctor ordered no more food and that we were going to have Lucas that evening. I was so hungry the rest of the day.. I couldn't even drink, but I kept sneaking in the bathroom to wet my mouth. I had some visitors in the morning.. my MIL came to town and my parents brought Savannah over so my MIL could take over her care. After that I was left alone until around 6 when Josh brought everybody back. I told him they better stay the hell out of my room if they even smelled like food... and to not bring in water or anything. LOL.. I was an angry, hungry pregnant woman. So 7:30 rolls around and they roll me into the operating room... the worst part of the whole thing for me, the epidural/spinal whatever they gave me. It took the lady like 8 tries to get it in my back... it freaking hurt. Josh was waiting outside the room and he said he could hear me moaning... the pressure is unbelievable and painful. My poor doctor, I thought I was going to crush his fingers.. he had to switch hands at one point, haha. I was also nauseous on and off but they were giving me stuff through my IV that helped, thank goodness. Anyways, she gets it in and they get the curtain up.. Josh finally gets to come in. It took the doctor a few minutes longer than he expected to go through the scar tissue and at 8:17 PM Lucas Graham entered the world.

After surgery I was put in the recovery area of the surgery department while the nurse took forever to get my stuff done. I had to be put on magnesium sulfate and given antibiotics. I finally got to see Lucas again when he was about 14 hours old, the kind nurse wheeled my bed into the NICU. Later that day I was up and walking. I was released on Monday 4/30, still on BP meds and super swollen, but so glad to go home.

Lucas Graham - He didn't cry right away. It took him what felt like forever, but it was probably only a minute or two. Josh could see him and said he was breathing but just not crying. I remember asking why he wasn't crying and my doctor told me that sometimes with c-sections it takes the baby a minute because they're kind of in shock. Finally I heard that little cry and was so happy. Josh got to go over and cut the cord, take pictures while they weighed him, etc... then they brought him to me to see. He was breathing on his own for a few minutes so they were able to do that. While I was looking at him he started grunting, so they whisked him off to the NICU for some oxygen. It was so different from our experience with Savannah, I think we were both a little shocked, but happy.

Lucas was on oxygen through a nasal cannula for only 2 days... he was off by 5/1. He kept yanking it out. After that he just needed to learn to eat, which he finally did after 3 weeks in the NICU. After showing he was gaining weight and eating all his feeds, he got to come home, 4 weeks and 1 day after his birth.

Picture below is big sister loving on her brother the day he came home.

Link to his baby website with pictures

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What an amazing experience....and you are comical when you recall the events. Although the day seemed nightmarish at some points, you kept your spirits up. Interesting to know why c-section babies don't cry at first. Never knew that...I can understand why.
Lucas is precious and your daughter looks like she is going to be a BIG help! Another blessing...this is fantastic! I can't wait to read others. Get some rest...after your birthing story, you truly deserve it! Smile

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I don't know how you made it all day with no water or food! I would have been drinking water anyway- I'm a bad patient Smile
The photo of Lucas with his sister is precious, she looks so happy!
Congratulations on having him home with you!

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So glad you're all home together. I agree with Jubilee- that pic is adorable! And I totally would have been drinking water too... Wink

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X a million = cute picture!!!! Happy Lucas is home now......the little June trailblazer.