Lurker from July with a question

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Lurker from July with a question

Hi ladies!

I'm due at the end of July, and we're going to Disneyland with my parents in January, when I'll be about 10 weeks pregnant.

I really have no concept of how tired I'm going to be at that point. As I see that many of you ladies are around 10 weeks pregnant, I wanted to get your feeling for how many days we should go for. In the past, we have normally gone to the parks for two long days (8-10 hours).

So should I:

a) Plan to go to the parks for 3 days because that will enable us to take it easy, and not feel like we have to have such long days while I'm still first-trimester tired and sick.

b) Go for the normal 2 days, because 3 days at Disneyland will be just too much when one is first-trimester tired and sick, and if we miss some stuff, my 3 year old will live. Smile

Thanks for any thoughts you have!

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personally i've been exhausted but i would still do the two whole days. i drink lots of ginger ale and take pepto for my upset stomach.

you also might not get tired and/or sick, i started at around 3-4weeks and it hasn't let up yet.

i would just go with your gut. have fun. wish i could take my kids there. Wink

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It is so hard to predict bc it varies from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy.....

I would guess that you'll be no less tired than the average 3 year old. So I would plan to do whatever your kidlet can handle-- my 3 year olds still need a nap and an early bedtime. Both lovely for a pg mama. Wink

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I'm not as exhausted this time as I was with DD. With her, I would be done by the end of the workday and asleep by 7PM. This one, I stay up late and still wake up refreshed by morning. I find that if I am active, I have more energy. I would stay with your original plan and do what the kids can handle! Have fun!

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in all honesty i would stay active and space the days out. one at disneyland and the next a relaxing day like going out to a movie or a fancy dinner if you can stomach it. then the following day back at disneyland that way it optimizes everyone. at 10 weeks i set a consistent schedule that wont overdue it and its worked so far for me. i agree with everyone else though knowing your limits will be helpful in planning your vacation.

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I always plan for more days at parks so we can go back to the house we rent and unwind late in the day and not feel so rushed...the parks get so crazy in the afternoons (at least at DisneyWorld) that having the little ones just becomes too much...for all of us! Smile I would personally do the extra day! Gl with your decision!

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I think, personally, that there is a big difference between dragging myself through long days at work vs dragging myself through something fun like long days at Disney. Smile My symptoms have been SO different with this pregnancy than with DD's- much easier this time. So, yeah, it's just hard to say. But personally, I would probably just shoot for the most fun (3 days is surely more fun than just 2?), and then take it easy if you need to!

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We went when I was 7 months pregnant. The best thing we did was stay at a disney resort (the music one is cheap) and then we took the shuttle back to the hotel around 4 and napped with my 15 monht old had some dinner in our room and then went back to the park for more rides and to watch the fire works. We have also gone not pregnant but with a 2 and 1 year old and we still went back and took a nap in the afternoon.

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Congratulations Smile

I have good and bad days. Some days I need a little nap, other days I can power on. Much less tired with each pregnancy, I was a shocker with #1, I was in bed by 7.30pm for all of trimester 1!!

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I would do three days. It will allow you to be able to just relax a little more than you would if you were trying to do everything in 2 days.

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Thanks for the input everyone!

I think we've decided to go for 3 days. First of all, if I'm sick in the mornings, I don't want to feel like I'm taking away from our precious Disney time. Also, we will want to stay up for the fireworks and World of Color shows, so I'm sure we might need some naptime during the day on those days.

Thanks for the advice, and HH9M to all of you!