Mara how was your trip?

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Mara how was your trip?

I've been wondering how your flights went! Let us know when you get "home"!

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Same! Hope everything went well and you all are getting settled in.

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How sweet! We are home! And the flights went pretty well.... did I update on this board from Seoul?

Well, we left Vientiane at 10 pm- and Beni was still awake then. Also, she started the trip by falling at the airport (before we even got to the gate, while daddy was still with us) and busting her lip open...there was blood everywhere! But she settled fairly quickly, and although she was all swollen, she got over it.

The hour long flight from Vientiane to Bangkok was easy. In Bangkok we had a couple hours, but someone met me at the gate and drove us in the little electric car to the transfer desk check in. That was nice, because Beni was asleep then, so she was dead weight. We sat there for a couple hours and I was getting VERY tired because it was like almost 2am and I hadn't really slept yet. As soon as we got on the next flight I think maybe we ate quickly and fell asleep. Beni woke a couple of times crying, and I just did my best to comfort her and get her back down, but it's not as easy as at home, when she's in bed, etc. So, that kind of sucked. We were on Korean Air for those flights and I think the stewardesses are meant to be helpful when they hear a child cry, but as soon as she did it was like there were 3 standing over us shushing and stuff, and that was actually stressful. So whatever.

The we had a few hours in Seoul, and by that time it was properly morning- like 8am or something, and Beni was awake and refreshed- me not so much. But we ate some food and there was an indoor playground so Beni had a good play.

Then the last 12 hour flight from Seoul to Chicago went really well! She was a total superstar. Didn't cry once, took a couple naps, ate the food (even though she had to eat the adult food, my DH didn't get her children's meals)- she read books, looked at her photo album, "watched" a couple movies (not really, but she was really taken with Toy Story), played with all the stuff I brought along.... it was good. We got compliments from everyone on that flight.

Then my mom met us at Chicago, and we had a good drive home- although by that point Beni was VERY tired because it was coming on middle of the night for us according to our old local time. She slept in the car on the three hour drive home mostly though, and when we got home she was in a pretty good mood with her grandparents.

My head was spinning at this point though because I was so tired, so after we ate dinner, I took a shower, and I said we were BOTH going to bed. That was about 7pm. I woke up at 2:30 for a little while and at 5:30 for a little while, but we didn't get up til 6:45! So, we'll see how we do with jet lag...but, that was a pretty good first night.

So yeah...this morning, I overflowed the coffee pot (apparently the carafe has to face in specifically one direction), and I have no toiletries (I was pretty much out of everything when I left Vientiane, so I thought I would just buy here) so I took a crappy shower... but my plan for today is a massive trip to Target...I can't WAIT!

So yeah...there you go...that's the LONG version! Smile We're here, we're good... we miss daddy...but we'll be ok. Smile

Oh, and I didn't have any issues myself on the flights, besides having a sore leg much of the way...but...was fine otherwise. Smile

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Glad it was a good flight - hope you catch up on some rest!! Yay for being back in the States (and going to Target!)!!

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Great! Im glad all that traveling went smoothly! Enjoy Target.

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Glad to hear the trip went so well! You've got a good little traveler Smile

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So glad the trip went well! Indoor playgrounds are freaking amazing, aren't they?! Welcome back to the States! Enjoy your trip to Target :).

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You're amazing for doing that flight being pregnant and with a toddler and by yourself no less. I don't think I could do it! Glad you arrived in the US safely!

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I think Target would be one of my first places to visit too. Biggrin I'm so glad to hear that all in all, it went well. I would have been a nervous wreck if I were flying alone with Jordan. ESPECIALLY internationally! Big, big kudos to you for not only surviving the trip, but doing it so well. It feels like you are so close now but that's all relative. Wink I hope you get settled quickly and start feeling more prepared for the upcoming birth!

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Do you know what the funniest thing is, I think? Besides having to pee more often, and having it in the back of my head that I REALLY needed to drink another glass of water any time it was offered, or I could get my hands on one- and then pee again... I pretty much forgot I was pregnant during the flight. Which is to say... it just had to be done, Beni needed what she needed (like to be lugged around when she was asleep, etc), and it was just one of those situations where you do it because there is no other choice. Kids make life just so very much NOT ABOUT YOU, you know? Anyway... it did totally go well- but that is also because Beni was awesome about it.

Also, Target was awesome. Today, I will go grocery shopping. That, for me, will be equally as awesome!!! Can't wait!

Also, I have an appt with the chiro today, AND, I have an appt with my midwife on Thursday! Wooohooo!!!