Maternity Pics

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Maternity Pics

Had my first-ever maternity picture session and wanted to share two pics with everyone. I have more but these did not have the copyrighted print across the face. :/

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Aw those are sweet! You all look great.

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So beautiful! Your girls are adorable and glad you captured you and dh and your belly before he left (and you look fantastic!!!)

Hope we get to see more!

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Those look fantastic!

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So cute!

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cute...wish james wasnt so camera shy. hes all about me getting em done as long as he doesnt have to partake himself. which is ok with me. may just have him take a few pics of me and photoshop it to a nice background. very very cute pics though.

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Great pics! You look awesome!

ETA: I meant to add that your girls are gorgeous, too!

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Aww cute pics!