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Matthew Derek

Was born on June 8th at 8:07. 8lbs 8 oz. He has a heart murmur and jaundice and I have an infection in my incision but we are home. I'll put up my birth story in the sticky when I'm feeling a little better.

*hospital 1/2 an hour away called and they have the tubing*

Breastfeeding was going great, but didn't realize my pump tubing had mildewed until I was engorged yesterday morning and God forbid this place have any kind of store where you can purchase it. My MIL comes tomorrow and I'll have her stop and get some but it's aggravating that it's not available. Mississippi has the lowest breastfeeding rate in the country; you think they'd try to help a Momma out by at least one of the 3 hospitals having the supplies needed for a pump. How ridiculous would it be if I had to call the WIC office (I know they would have it) to get a $10 piece of needed equipment? Rant over.

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Congratulations, mama! WTTW Matthew! He is so cute! I hope the jaundice is gone for you soon!

How terrible about the pump parts! I'm sorry. Sad I hope you can find some soon!

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Welcome, Matthew! Hope everyone is on the mend quickly!

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Super cute!!!! Congrats mama. Smile

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Congrats and welcome, Matthew!

I'm so sorry that you have an infection--hope they get that cleared up soon. You might consider taking some probiotics to make sure you don't end up with a yeast infection from the antibiotics.

Boo about the pump parts. Were I you, I'd boil them (have you tried this?) Anything leftover is likely just a stain and not a "risk" to the actual tubing (milk doesn't even typically go into the least not on my machine.) I hope you get some new parts soon.

Can't wait for pics! Hope you are healed up soon.