Met with the homebirth midwife....

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Met with the homebirth midwife....

Annndddd....not doing it. She was nice and we will probably ask her to be our doula (she also does doula work and assists the one other homebirth midwife in the area who is not taking clients due in July right now), but she has only be a licensed midwife for 7 years, and has not taken any clients of her own since moving to Vermont 4 years ago!!! We would be her first clients in 4 years, and she basically only has 3 years of practicing midwifery on her own before that. No thank you. I also visited the birth center midwife practice before thanksgiving and loved it, everyone was super nice and I felt like we'd be in great hands and very well supported for our natural birth, so that is what we are doing! It feels GREAT to have this figured out and know where my prenatal care will be and who will be delivering my baby! It was bugging me still having that up in the air at almost 10 weeks! I have an appt next week and will hopefully get to hear the hb, and given my slight concern about having my dates wrong I bet they will send me for an u/s. Finally this feels like it is really happening!

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Awesome news that you have made a decision!! Sounds like a great fit for what you are looking for!

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Yay! I would have reservations, too, about that MW.

I'm glad you found a place you love and are getting settled into a plan. I felt so up in the air when I was pg with my son.....and switched to a homebirth MW at 33 weeks--lol.

This really *is* happening. Yay!

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Glad you got it sorted. Smile

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I am still trying to get a hold of the midwife I'm trying to hire, and yeah, I'm feeling a bit at loose ends with it all, so I can imagine that you're feeling a lot more settled now that you've made our decision! Congrats on that! And it sounds like the birth center you picked is wonderful.

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Very exciting, must be nice to have your decision made!