Mia's birth story

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Mia's birth story

Due to my pregnancy induced cholistasis my doctor decided it was time for baby to be born at 36 weeks. I was told to arrive at the hospital at 1 pm for induction. I was then called on Tues May 22 (day of induction) and told to come in at 4 pm instead for the induction. We arrived at the hospital and I was told they were not scheduled to actually start it until 5 pm....which ended up being 6 pm Smile At 6 they started pictocin because they felt the baby's head was too high and could prolapse. I was 3 cm. They continued to increase the pictocin and after a while, I was ready for an epidural...I was 4 cm at that time. They gave me the epidural and my pain was gone. They broke my water...and a small amount of fluid came out. I suspected that I had a hind bag still intact. The baby's heartrate started to get pretty low....baseline had started out in the 130's and by now was in the 115 range. I was getting pretty anxious by this. They turned off the pictocin thinking it was overstimulating her. They had me use Oxygen, and they put an internal monitor on her to watch her heartrate. She continued to have a low heartrate and started having decels. THey checked me and I was 6 cm. They had me switching positions trying to get her hr up and other nurses were coming into the room to see if someone was checking on me because they could see at the nurses station that her hr did not look great. After a bit her hr went into the 90's and never came back up....my doctor was called. He arrived I was complete...but her hr was still low. I felt very scared but the doctor was calm. I had this SAME thing happen with Nathan and the doctors just kept telling me "I had to get him out I had to push as hard as possible because his life was in danger" I starting panicking that it was happening again! I told my doctor I did NOT want to push her out if it was going to become a life danger to her like what happened to Nathan. He told me it was ok...he wanted to see what the situation was and if he did not think it would work we would get her out by c-section. I put my legs up and pushed as hard as I could. He told me to stop. he set up quickly and said one more. Baby was born. She had a very tight nuchal cord and was handed immediately to NICU. They cleaned her up and examined her...and she was fine!! Not sick like Nathan! She was not whisked away to the NICU...she was given back to me and I was told because she was small I was to put her skin to skin and within the hour they hoped she would nurse. She did!! They asked that I did the skin to skin contact with her as much during the days as I could and as long as she kept her temps and glucose levels up....she was fine to stay with me in my room! She did great! We went home after 36 hours...at home we had a 24 hour hiccup when for some reason she would not nurse. I rented a hospital pump and pumped (it actually worked...a little) and fed it to her with a dropper. But by the next day she was back on track and has been good since! They also were monitoring her bilirubin...because they got high...but they peaked yesterday and are on their way down now!! She is a very mild mannered baby...she is just wonderful! We are all sooo in love with her!! Also...her placenta looked odd and had a very odd cord insertion so I feel very blessed that she was born ok....between the nuchal cord that was so tight, the odd placenta and cord, and the cholistasis I think that poor baby was in a time bomb!! I just thank God she is fine! Stats: Born 5/23/2012 12:44 am 6 pounds 1 ounce and 17.5 inches long. She is down to 5 pounds and 5 ounces right now...but she is just so beautiful...we adore her!!

sorry if the pic is big Im not sure how to change the size

Mia Rose

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Love your birth story and even though you had trouble throughout the duration, you seemed to keep your faith and spirits up. She is absolutely precious!!!! I am so happy that the hospital was able to work with you and give you what you want (staying in room, skin-to-skin contact)...it really made a difference! Congratulations and job well-done! So happy for you!!! You received another blessing...!

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Oh goodness! She is GORGEOUS! Love it!

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Mia is absolutely beautiful! She looks like a doll. I'm glad your birth was safe in the end and that no one attending scared or pressured you in any way. Congratulations on your daughter.

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She is so pretty! Congrats and I am SO glad everything turned out well!

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She is beautiful! Smile

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I'm so glad that she is healthy and here!! And I hope you are doing well! She's absolutely gorgeous!!!

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She is beautiful! I'm so glad everything worked out for you in the end!

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She is so beautiful! Congratulations.

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What a great story and I am so glad she is healthy and doing so well! And she is just beautiful to boot. Congratulations and WTTW little Mia!
I had a similar thing happen with decels with DS (his hr dropped into the 70s at one point) and my mw was starting to panic and they called in an OB, who turned out to be so amazing. Like your doc, he was totally calm (which helped everyone else stay calm) and knew exactly what to do and definitely helped us avoid a c/s. I still am so grateful to him! So glad you had a great doctor help you and it sounds like everything worked out just perfect!

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I can't get over how beautiful she is; sounds like she came at the perfect time!

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She is gorgeous. Welcome, Baby Mia!!

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Picture isn't showing up for me but I'm SO glad things went well despite the scare. How awesome that she nursed so well for you right away minus that one day! DD was also a 36 weeker from ICP and it took us about a week of dropper feeding pumped milk and nursing attempts to get her on the breast. So happy for you! WTTW little Mia!