More sick at night?

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More sick at night?

This is a new one for me-- I seem to be more sick in the evenings and during the night than I am in the morning/day. So weird and so annoying.....

I've had nausea and vomiting with each of my pgs-- some worse than others, but always at least a few weeks of puking every day.....but I've never had this evening/night sickness.

Dinner is the worst.

Anyone else? I know this will pass but I have to confess that I'm ready for it to G.O.


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I didn't experience morning sickness with my previous two pregnancies but this one is quite bad. Mine gets progressively worse through the day. Evenings are my worse and first thing in the morning I feel fine.

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For me, it gets worse throughout the day too!

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Luckily, my nausea is not productive but I do feel blah during the evenings, mostly. Second trimester...HURRY UP!

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With my DS I was sick from the time I got out of the bed till the time I went to bed. This time it is not so bad in the morning as long as I eat. But I have found it does get worse as the day goes on.

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I'm usually sick all afternoon. From like 11-7. Sad

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I feel awful as soon as I lie down. It's like my stomach doesnt like when I try to sleep. Bit this pregnancy is going great other than that. I was sick until my third trimester with my first and for 4 months with my second.. Like couldn't leave the house without a bucket sick. I'm only nauseous this time and I threw up once, while taking out the garbage lol

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I have found that I feel good all day long, ONLY, if I continually eat snacks. I have to put into my stomach about every 30 minutes. If I don't I start feeling bad and then I feel like I can't eat which only exasperates the awfulness. I haven't thrown up yet.

I hope this all passes soon for everyone.

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Mine is worse in the morning and anytime I miss a snack/meal. As long as I'm eating, I feel OK.

Hope you feel better soon, Audra!

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Me too! I was telling the midwife the other day, that I have the opposite of morning sickness. No vomiting, thank goodness, just constant queasiness/nausea. Gets worse as the day goes on. Blech!