Mother's intuition?

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Mother's intuition?

When your baby is ready, do you know before you start having the obvious symptoms? Like a calm before the storm maybe? It's driving me crazy not knowing exactly when baby's going to come and I'm just curious as to whether or not you can kindof sense it.

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I know a couple of women that felt that it was coming, but most of us seem to be relatively suprised at the timing. My water broke a few hours after an appointment where I was at 1cm. So I thought I'd be overdue and he came two days before his due date.

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I think there are some signs, but honestly I think a lot of us go into a bit of a state of denial as labor approaches! I had myself convinced I was going to be 2 weeks late, so when I went into labor on my DS' due date, it took me by surprise. I woke up that morning with zero clue that I would be going to sleep in the hospital next to my baby that night. Looking back, there were a few indications...I went into a bit of a cleaning frenzy earlier in the day and scrubbed my whole house. And I was feeling strangely better and more comfortable that day than I had for a while, like I had a little extra energy. I have heard a lot of women say that the night before they went into labor, they kept getting up thinking they needed to have a BM, like they felt crampy. My sister was like that...she thought she had to go to the bathroom and in hindsight is like "OK, I was 9 months pregnant and had to get up regularly because of stomach pain all night...HELLO!" So that's what I mean...for some reason you just don't see or won't accept the symptoms. Some people have more BH's and a lot of false starts and lose mucous plug for a while before the real thing hits, so sometimes you know that it is coming. But....don't worry, when labor actually starts, you will know!

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I can't really look back and say there were "signs" before I had DD. I was prepared to go past my due date, had just been checked and was a 1cm the day before. Then woke up the next morning and my water broke!

With this one, I'm HOPING to go to my due date. I have a nasty head cold again and would really like to be 100% before he arrives.

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As a FTM I was convinced I would go way over my due date... baby came COMPLETELY unexpectedly at 39weeks 2days. I had a house full of guests that weekend- and we had a big joke going that I'd go into labor, but we were all totally laughing about it. I was obviously NOT in labor, and my girlfriends kept saying, "Are you in labor? Are you in labor?" It was really all a big laugh...and then at 4am, we were waking them up and asking for their keys so we could move their cars because it was time for us to go!

So, no, I had NO idea. Smile

Ok, I have to add after reading what Maggie wrote... on Friday night when all my friends were there I did start having period-like cramps that were really surprising to me. Like, I was just really confused- and I was probably in denial about them, because I was just so sure I'd go overdue. Then, I also was pooping a few times (which is a normal part of early labor), and then I lost mucus plug. My one girlfriend had had two babies by then, but been induced with both of them, so she had never seen her own mucus plug, so when I was losing mine, I left it in the loo and she looked at it too. Smile Good friends, what can I say? She was just really interested. But we all discussed the whole mucus plug thing and how you can lose your plug weeks before you actually go into labor... but then I had some bloody show too... but yes, I suppose there was that denial again!

Honestly though... I'd rather be surprised by it than sitting around annoyed it isn't happening- which is why I try to set my mind to going over-due rather than early. Surprises are great... sitting around waiting, focusing on being uncomfortable, not doing anything because you're sure you'll go into labor at any time... NO GOOD.

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With DS2 I had no idea. I was a day past my due date, so I was prepared for it to happen. Looking back, I spent the WHOLE day doing projects... sewing, raking, cleaning, and then my first contraction was around 6 or 7 that night and I just knew that it was happening. I wouldn't say there was the calm before the storm... more like a crazy frenzy to clean and prep everything. If I found myself doing that again, I would wonder if labor was near. I will say though, that I had spent the previous two weeks trying everything in my power to get baby to come out, and I had FINALLY reached the point where I was totally fine being pregnant for as long as it took for baby to be ready, and then labor started that night.
On days that I have a lot of contractions, I think back to if I felt that crazy "need to finish everything" feeling.

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With my second, I totally knew from the moment I woke up that she would be born that day. I didn't start contracting until evening and she was born at about 9pm.

I had no idea with the other 3 kids though...

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I had no idea with either one. With my first I woke up and my contracts were a regular 5 minutes apart and I went to the hospital and was dialated to 6 already

With the second we were out at breakfast and Iwas 2 weeks early (a week before my csection date) and I started haveing cramps and even 5 minutes apart. By the time we got the the hospital an hour later I was dialated to almost 9. I had no idea she was going to come that early we didnt even have anyone to watch my 17 month old son and had to have someone pick him up at the hospital.

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I had no idea- you'll probably have no idea when your labor actually starts. I mean, you'll be in for a surprise most likely! Just relax, enjoy your husband, enjoy sleeping in. You may never sleep in again Wink
I'd been having regular but not painful contractions for 2 days before the painful ones started. I was never sure I was in labor until my water broke.

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I felt a bit crampy the days that I started labor-- and looking back they were "different" crampy than just the end of pregnancy.....but mostly I was surprised each time.

Last time, I really didn't want the day I gave birth to be labor day-- but it was. I was in serious denial....but looking back, I had some signs.

I just always assume I'll go past my due date-- and 3 out of 4 times, that has been accurate. Wink