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Has anyone been experiencing movement? I know the feeling (being my third) and I have ruled out gas. I am pretty sure I am feeling movement...not constantly - just every now and then!

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I obviously am not right now. But I too with my girls felt movement very early. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I knew that was the baby!! Smile

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I felt movement very early with my second as well. At my 11 week appt with my midwife I told her I thought I was feeling movement and she thought I was crazy too but I know that is what I was feeling.

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I think i am! Not always, but I know my body and my stomach is pretty thin (I've been told weight affects when you feel baby move), and I have felt at least twice some little flutterings! I so look forward to feeling more. It's the best thing.

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I've been thinking the same thing. Felt # 3 consistently at 11 weeks. With this one, there has been, maybe a handful of times, where I think I'm for sure feeling something. Not movement, necessarily, but like it is bumping into the sides of my uterus.

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For me, I feel it when I sit a certain way (hunched over, etc) that places pressure in the pelvic region. I feel a quick "thump thump" as if I need to move (like the baby is telling me that it is not comfy or I am squishing it - odd, I know).

It is more on my left side at other times. I am fairly thin and I was told that I could possibly feel it sooner (and I know what it feels like considering it is not my first!)

Just thought it would be interesting to see what others are feeling...

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I keep thinking I'm feeling something too- I mentioned it to the ladies on my other birth board earlier this week. But, I think what I'm feeling is too strong to be the baby just yet... cause it's not just flutters. But I felt DD pretty early for a FTM- like 16 or 17 weeks, so I would expect to feel this baby pretty soon too!

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I'm pretty thin... but nothing yet. I didn't feel DD until 20 weeks or so? I will feel so much better when I can feel baby moving daily. I can't wait!

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I defintely felt #1 and #2 by 14 weeks, but now I am not even 11 weeks and have felt flutters and weird feelings. I haven't said anything to anyone as I was sure it wasn't possible.

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No...its pretty early to be feeling movement for me.

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Not yet, but I didn't feel DD until 18+ weeks. I have a tilted uterus this time, so I'm thinking it will be longer to feel this one.

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Nope-- not feeling anything here.....I think I was more 13+ weeks with the others (but I really don't remember....)

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Can I just say, that I TOTALLY felt stuff while SEEING it today on my ultrasound! Of course, the tech was pressing that thing into my belly which of course made a difference, but still... so cool! Smile