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When does the movement usually start to change or slow down? Seems like my little guy isnt moving as much anymore

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for me I would say a little later. 36ish weeks or after. The baby tends to run out of room and it becomes more squirms than big movements. He may just be going through a growth spurt and be sleeping more...or something....but I would say the baby should still have room to move around some at this point. Maybe just mention it at your next appointment. Im sure everything is fine, but I really cant say my movement slowed until closer to the end in my past pregnancies!! Gl!

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You could do a kick count if you're worried. Just have to count 10 per hour when the baby is obviously awake. If you're meeting that, I think you're good.

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I'm not a good one to comment on movement because my little guy hardly ever moves, kick counts don't work well for him because he is so random in his movement and usually it's really late at night and only for a few minutes if that.

I remember with DD, she didn't slow down until the very end.

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My last pregnancy, it was about two weeks before I delivered that it slowed down. I actually was admitted to labor and delivery because I didn't feel anything for over 10 hours; this time I can easily do kick counts but don't because they are so often I'm not even a little worried.

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My baby is still moving around quite a bit, but I have days (or a couple in a row) where I really need to pay attention to the movements because he's been quiet. I can usually count on him bouncing around in there around 6am (no need for an alarm clock these days!), and in the evenings... and for some reason, when I take exams he's EXTRA active/distracting. Those are usually the only times that I'm sitting for long periods of time though. My first DS rarely had big movements, and kick counts didn't really work on him either. He would shift positions, but hardly ever kicked or punched like my last two have.

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I also should little gal is really not a mover and a shaker this time either...but if you started out with a really active baby that seems less the kick counts, mention it to the doc, but Im betting its fine!