My cravings are going to break the bank....

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My cravings are going to break the bank....

When I'm not pg, I typically pack my lunch for the workday. These days-- not so much. Nothing sounds good in the morning.

But day at lunchtime *something* sounds so yummy that I must go and get it for lunch....yikes!

Today I had Noodles and Company...yum-o. And I'm addicted to this mandarin chicken salad from a restaurant down the street....oh and I've started to get a soy chai every day mid-morning.

Hopefully my whims settle down in the next few weeks.

Anyone else in indulging? At least I'm craving healthy stuff (fried sounds yucky to me, so I've been mostly eating salads w. protein...and some pasta.)

Am I alone?

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Not here...have zero appetite. Living on toast! Boo. As soon as this morning sickness goes away though, I will certainly be giving in to any cravings I may have!

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i've been craving tang, ginger ale, lemon aid, chocolate milk, lots and lots of liquids. i've also been craving things with vinegar. mmmm. makes my mouth water thinking about it.

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Food is gross right now Sad

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Melted cheese sandwiches. So cheap! That's all I've wanted lately.

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"jubileerose" wrote:

Food is gross right now Sad

I couldn't agree more!!! My food of choice right now is toast. Sometimes I can tolerate a little bit of fruit.

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Um....Haagen Dazs! And it's breaking the bank even more because here in Laos a pint costs $12!!!! I've had 3 since I started having cravings which isn't that bad...but, not good for my waistline in any case! I've also been craving other sweet stuff- I've had a bag of mini Snickers in the freezer and eat one now and then... oh, and I've been buying horrible sugary cereals which are also VERY expensive here (like $7.50 a box). Blah! That said...I have also been craving salads a LOT- and have been making my DH stop by certain restaurants to pick them up. So yeah....cravings are running rampant and doing damage around here too!

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No real cravings but the fact that I can eat in my first trimester is new to me. My other two I was sick for MONTHS. I've been sick only three times and two of them were while doing dishes. So it's crazy to me to be able to eat much less keep it down. I've been trying to avoid sugars as I had gestational diabetes last time around. I'm going to gain so much the way I want to eat tho, it's ridiculous.

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I am all about salt. I have been making garlic bread, fried rice, vegemite on toast with melted cheese, salty popcorn. Oh, and fruit! Hopefully all the summer fruits I am eating are cancelling out all the salt Lol

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I want cashews that have been salted and warmed - or tomatos with lots of salt. Or anything with salt!

I always bring my lunch as well but end up getting something else because what I brought doesn't sound good by lunch time.

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my cravings are strange....long john silvers chicken with vinegar, bbq bacon angus wraps from work (which i despise bacon) and my number one craving is velveeta shells and cheese with a big glass of milk....weird, i know.

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Food? :puke2:

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In attempts to quench my thirst I have drank all kinds of things and combos
I also love salt and vingar.