Need to Vent...

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Need to Vent...

Can't really vent so much at work and really don't want to vent too much to hubby considering...

I am due 11 June...will prob give birth the first week of it. So...just found out that my husband is deploying late April for half a year. (I am currently not deployable because of the pregnancy). I am due to PCS (military will move me to another location either stateside or overseas) in the October time-frame. SO, hubby will not be here for the birth, I will have two kids and an infant, working on a Doctorates, going back to work 6 weeks after birth, and trying to sell a house on my own. Now, I know I can do all of this the risk of what? My sanity?

There is a 5% chance (small, I know, but is HOPE) that my hubby won't be deployed because he took a firecracker to the face on New Year's Eve. He ended up having a scratch in his cornea and a facial fracture in his eye socket. But, the outlook does not look good on him staying.

We have been through many deployments apart and on our is just the timing this time. Sad

Thanks for letting me post...makes me feel a bit better already. Ah...the power behind words.

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OMG> do you know if family will be able to help? That sounds so stressful. Do they drop and pick up your deployments like the Air Force does? Hopefully his will get delayed.

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That does sound very stressful; but it also seems like you are used to those types of situations. I can't even imagine! Like the above, do you have any close family? Or even friends that can lend a hand for a few weeks after baby gets here?

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I can not imagine the stress!! My husband travels a lot for work...but comes home on weekends....and is not gone ALL the time for months at a time. I really could not imagine what it is like to live with a spouse in the military...and be part of it yourself! What a sacrifice for our country your family makes! Its truly amazing! I really hope you will have family or friends to help....and I just need to tell you that you sound like one strong mama to me!!!! ((HUGS)) and vent as much as you need to DESERVE it with that situation possibly on the horizon!!

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AH what a stresser! I can totally understand why you're feeling like that... it's enough to drive a non-pregnant woman crazy. Hugs!

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I agree with some PP, in that it's sounds like you are used to these types of seperations. However, no matter what my job was, or my husbands, I couldn't imagine giving birth to our child without him at my side. So you are def stronger than I am for that...

*big hugs!* Stay strong, you sound very ambitious and determined to make things work out in the end Smile

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None of that sounds fun! You're going to need help big time. I can't imagine how you'll do all that on your own! Hopefully your mother or husband's mother can come camp at your house for a while. We're a navy family so I get deployments, which are nearly impossible to get through without all your add ons. I wish you luck and help and grace!

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((HUGS)) One of my friends just had her dh deployed, and she is due in July. He won't be back until October Sad

I'm sorry. Thank you for your service to our country. We appreciate it! I hope you get lots of help from family and friends.

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Thanks, everyone! My mom told me today that she would come up for a few weeks to help - so that makes things easier. We are both Air Force and the deployment is still a go from what they told him today. I think the biggest stressor for me is going to be the lack of sleep when the baby arrives and then dealing with two other children, school, and selling a home. The lack of sleep places a big burden. I plan on stopping school for 2 weeks but I am on a vigorous schedule to complete and I am already two years into it. I want to graduate on time. Thanks again for letting me vent!

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This whole situation totally stinks! But I'm glad your mom is coming to help you out! Good luck! You can do it!