News from redmom: baby not here to stay (loss mentioned)

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News from redmom: baby not here to stay (loss mentioned)

This is Becky's little sister, with some sad news. Becky (redmom) went in for an ultrasound/blood draw again today. The ultrasound did show an egg sac but not much inside- which by itself didn't mean a ton, as ultrasounds this early on show "abnormalities" as often as they show a healthy baby bean. But with Becky's history so far this pregnancy, it wasn't good news, so they did another blood draw.
Her HCG levels on November 2nd were 1057- the very lowest end of normal for how far along she should have been. Today, the levels were 1163. Certainly not what you'd hope to see after 5 days. So it looks like baby bean isn't hanging around, or wasn't ever here to begin with (there have been concerns about molar pregnancies/blighted ovum from the start).

I know this baby wasn't planned but it was already loved. I suspect Becky will take at least a few days to herself to mourn and readjust plans. She's one of the very best mothers I know and has been a role model for me in pregnancy and parenting. She now has two angel babies watching over her and her 4 kids.

Don't worry about removing siggies, we wish you all the best in your pregnancies.

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Thank you for the update. I am so sorry. My thoughts are with her and her family.

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I'm sorry for her loss and I'll be keeping her and her family in my prayers.

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Ah, I'm so sorry Sad

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I'm sorry to hear this! Sad :bigarmhug:

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So sorry to hear this. Thinking the best for Becky and the whole family.

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Im so sorry!! t&p's to Becky and family!

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I'm so sorry, Becky Sad

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So sorry. Sad

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I'm so sorry! this is so hard! Tell her we hope she feels better!!!!

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So sorry, Becky. Praying for you guys.

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Please tell her that we are all thinking about her. So sorry to hear:(

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Thanks, Jenn. I'll be thinking of Becky-- what sad news.

Nice to "see" you-- but I wish it were under different circumstances. Sad

((HUGS)) to you both!

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Thanks for the update. My sympathy to Becky and her family.

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I'm so sorry to hear this! My prayers are with her and her family..

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sends my regards and will keep you her in my thoughts and prayers...stay strong!

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This makes me sad...make me relive what I felt when I experienced the same with my first pregnancy. My prayers are with her. Please let her know we are thinking of her...

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So sorry. Thanks for the update.

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Thanks Ladies. I just wasn't up to posting yesterday. The ultrasound was very not normal looking, but not not-normal looking enough to declare anything on its own. So they did another draw and my numbers are dismal which points to an ectopic. I have another draw tomorrow just to make sure (because waiting two more days is so fun!) and probably another U/S on friday. Most likely I will get a nice huge Methotrexate shot which will terminate the tubal pregnancy early next week. Which is ironic since methotrexate (also a rheumatoid arthritis drug) is what got me into the whole mess in the first place. *sigh*

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So sorry for your loss. We are still here to share with you and support you. We will be thinking of you!