Nora Alice has arrived!

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Nora Alice has arrived!

I just saw a pic on facebook, and thought to check my phone...

Kayla's water broke just after 4am, and Nora was born by c-section at 6:40am. She is 5lbs6oz. Apgar scores 9 and 9.

The pic on facebook looks like a beautiful, healthy baby... hopefully Kayla will be able to update us here soon! Smile

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Yay! What a great size for 34 weeks!! Congratulations, Kayla!! WTTW, Nora!!

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Wow! Amazing! The babies are arriving......

Congrats, Kayla! We'll be thinking good thoughts for you and Nora!

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Yay, welcome Nora!!

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Woo hooooo! Smile

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congrats!!!! only makes me anxious especially almost 2 weeks to my due date. can't wait.

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Welcome Nora!! Love her name!!

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Such a sweet little name, welcome baby! Great size for being early!!

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Congrats....getting so nervous now for myself!

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Congrats, Kayla! WTTW, Nora!

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Welcome Nora! Congrats Kayla and fam!