Is this normal???

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Is this normal???

Ugh! I am frustrated. I have been having a ton of bh's, but yesterday they started getting painful, starting in my back and wrapping to the front, like real ones. I ignored them for a couple hours, then I couldnt anymore. They were painful and 3-5 minutes apart for 4 hours. They didnt seem quite strong enough to go to l&d so I didnt, I tired to keep them giong. Finally at 1am they went away. DONE. I have had BH's today... nothing to write home about. Is this happening to anyone else??

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I don't have any personal experience, but I do thing it sounds normal. Things are just gearing up, taking a break... and hopefully gearing up for you again soon! Smile

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I'm sure your right and trying to be positive.. its better than nothing happening right? lol. I'm just so ready!

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How frustrating.

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That is annoying! I have no experience. I have never had a bh in 3 pregnancies so far.Once I have my 1st contracts they are steady and ready for full labor.

Hopefully your body figures itself out today!

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You are so close to DD that I'd say it is totally normal as well. I never had typical contractions with DD until they started pitocin so I'm unsure of what a non-pitocin contraction is like. However, I've been having a ton of lower back pains as well and my Doula said it could be babies position / back labor.

Just monitor them, if they are consistent go get checked out just in case Smile

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YES! This happened to me two nights ago. Same exact situation. I was debating on whether to go or not and I have a high pain NIGHT LONG, I toughed them out. I walked (which seemed to make it a bit better) and drank water. I just had this feeling that it wasn't time. I was finally able to go to sleep earlier in the morning (4am) and woke up to an occassional cramp and backache...nothing like it was the night before. The docs keep telling me if your tummy tightens, then it is a contraction (um, my tummy has always been tight in pregnancy so it is not that easy to guage). GL to you...sounds like the end is near!!!

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It sounds normal, and I feel like sometimes when your body does that it is because the baby isn't in quite the ideal position. I'd start doing some stuff to try and make sure the baby is in a good position for birth, like spending time on your hands and knees, doing cat/cow, etc. It might help make labor easier when the time really does come too!

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This is happening to me.... like every other day for the last week or so. They get close enough and painful enough that I think labor has started, and then they just go away. It's really frustrating and exhausting. I'm glad I like to labor at home for as long as possible, otherwise I'd have been to L&D like 4 times already! Hope things get going for real, soon!

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MrsJD - I'm so sorry to hear this! That sounds so uncomfortable! Is this your first pregnancy?

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UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! It happened again last night!!! Today just the normal BH's. Sunday I am walking a 5k... that better get this show on the road!!!

KDMama, this is my 2, ds is now 5. Maybe its been so long its like the first time again? lol