NT scan and blood test decision

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NT scan and blood test decision

So, at my midwive's office, you can choose whether or not to do the NT scan and the bloodwork for abnormalities. I can't decide what to do. With DS, we did not do any of the tests (the NT u/s wasn't a thing yet, it was just bloodwork and amnio--I am NOT doing amnio, I know that). I feel like there is a lot of fearmongering that goes on with pregnancy these days and I don't want to have extra things to stress and worry about. But then on the other hand, it's already in my head! Anyone else opting out or not sure which way to go on this? I'm also thinking of doing the NT scan JUST so I can get a peek at the bean Wink

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Yep, we did the NT scan to be able to see the baby... but we didn't do any other blood tests or anything.

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mine was a very last minute decision. i in a way wanted to know of the baby would have anu defects but also to see the baby too. glad i did.

as for the bloodwork. really wasnt bad. only took one tube of blood as compared to the first time they took five i do believe.

it was worth making the appointment and gives you a peace of mind your lo is ok....good luck!

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I always say yes to information, it's as simple as that to my scientific brain. Do I want to know more about my baby? The answer is always going to be yes to that question, no matter what I choose to do with said information.

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If your going to get the scan..the result is much more comprehensive when combined with the bloodwork. I did not do this test in the past, but did it with the last 2 pregnancies. I just felt like genetic disorders at my age were a very real possiblity and that I needed to be somewhat prepared for the possibility. That being said, if the result came back bad, I also would not do an amnio due to the risk of mc. The NT is only a screening tool...so having a + result and a completely normal baby is pretty common. They are just finding the babies that need further testing and lots of times they find with another US that baby is fine. My cousin ended up with a 1/60 chance of ds with the result. Further us could not rule out ds. She went ahead with the amnio and the baby was fine. THe stress of the situation and the worry after amnio (she had a lot of cramping and was afraid she was losing the baby) has made her decide that she will never do that test again. SO...its really up to you...I need the info personally ...but if you are not going to do anything with the info and you are not the type to need to mentally prepare yourself I would not get it.