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The wall stickers for the new nursery came in and dh won't have to paint. So that means he'll be getting the big stuff moved around out of his man den this weekend and I can start decorating after Valentines day! I'm so excited. Yahoo Plus ds is getting a new room too and I can't wait to see his little face light up when he sees his bunk beds (still battling dh on this one since he just wants the twin bed) and Spiderman room. Anyone else starting early?

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Ive done a little...but I have to wait until 24-28 weeks....I just cant do it until then..

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We have all the big pieces in his room, and I ordered the crib set but other than that - nothing!

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I've not done anything-- but mostly bc this LO will stay with us for 4-6 months and then he'll bunk up with his brother. My DS already has bunk beds-- but we'll add a crib in there (eventually....)

I'm such a slacker. With our last baby we didn't put a crib up until after she was here Wink We just keep them in our room in a bassinet or co-sleeper until then......*sigh*

But I did peruse some REALLY cute baby boy clothes and showed great restraint and didn't buy anything. Though I do want to go back-- I found the cutest rhino overall

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I have paint ready, but haven't had time to do it yet. We have a new crib to put in there, and some new bedding. I'm thinking that will be my project for spring break.

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I haven't done a THING! Well, okay, we bought a new mattress for DS's twin bed (well, they're bunk beds, but we're only putting up one for now since I do NOT trust him alone with bunk beds!) that will be delivered the end of March. I think our plan is to move him by April-ish. And I just picked out bedding that I put on his birthday list for my parents. But beyond that, nada. Our nursery is going to pretty much stay as-is, since it's gender neutral, so I don't have to do anything to it. Well, aside from restocking stuff like lotions and the like. It'll just be moving DS into his new room that will be the project!

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Nada here... we only have a 2 bedroom house so Lucas and DD will be sharing a room. Right now DD's room is pretty girly.. lots of flowers and stuff but they are mostly decals. She has a full sized bed in there too... soooo... my plan is to have Lucas share a room with us until he sleeps through the night, then move him in with DD. I will redo the room into monkeys and put the crib in there. Eventually we will get two twins. The paint color is pretty neutral so at least we don't have to redo that.

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I don't even plan on purchasing the crib until after baby is here. I was a white crib for a girl and a dark wood if a boy. So I'm jut waiting. I will have a bassinet the first few months anyways.
We are looking at moving soon, but if we don't find a place by fall, I plan on DD and DS swapping rooms. Paxtons room is huge so I will put Hayden and the baby in there and put Paxton in haydens room. I just think it's a better idea as Paxton starts school in september and will need his sleep. I will have to paint as the room is pink but no biggie

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Not a thing! The baby will room with my husband and I for at least 4 months, so we have to move in a few peices of furniture. we aren't in a hurry. Our bassinet is white, so I'll just set that up probably... When we get home from the hospital Wink

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Nope. But, my DD doesn't have a room either. And it's not that we don't have the extra bedrooms... I just like her in with us! We have a bedroom, and a closet room. In our bedroom we have our bed and DD's bed (and a chair and a tiny table in the corner) and that is literally it- it is a BED room. Then the room next door has a bed in it whose main purpose is changing station/where to toss clothes that have been worn but aren't dirty yet. It also has 3 wardrobes (no closets in (most of) Asia! All free standing giant wardrobes) which hold all of our clothes (one for each of us), and a shelving unit that holds all DD's diaper stuff and our extra towels and sheets (because we have no other place to put any of that stuff either!). I'm not sure what we will do once baby arrives- I don't think we'll have enough room for him/her and DD to share a wardrobe. And the sleeping situation will also be interesting... we'll just have to see!!! In any case, we won't have to worry about any of that until we're back in Laos in August... we'll be living in one bedroom all together until then in the States, so... Smile Aren't you glad you're not me!?!?

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We're trying to decide if we want to buy a king size bed and maintain a family bed or if we just want to buy another queen for the extra room and relegate DH and DS in there while I bunk with baby in the current bed room.