Nursing Bra's

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Nursing Bra's

I'm glad I didn't buy nursing bra's pre-baby because my ta-ta's have grown to a 34D...I'm usually an A cup. I've always said I wanted bigger ones but I lied...I like my small ones. Ha!!

Anyhow...Nursing Bra's. I originally purchased several from Motherhood Maternity, within two weeks the wires were already popping out around the cups. Great quality, not. So then I took the plunge and ordered a $60 Bravado Bra online. Got it in and it's the most uncomfortable bra I've ever owned, the material is cheap and scratchy and it shows in every shirt.

Any other suggestions on bra's? I need one with underwire for support that has a comfortable material and can be worn every day. And hopefully one with good quality Smile

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I have a few from Target and I really like them. They have underwire ones, soft cups, and then night time ones that you just pull aside. I had horrible luck with Motherhood bra's and I've also tried ones from the GAP and those were terrible too.

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My fave, fave, fave bra is the Bravado Body Silk Seamless one. I have three. It does not have underwire, so, ignore me if you're not even willing to try. But, it comes in S, M, L and is SUPER comfortable. My boobs are a big C, close to a D when early nursing, and this bra has provided enough support for me. You could always try and return (I know I returned an underwire Bravado bra to Target once, because I also hated it). Good luck though. Finding bras to wear during pregnancy and during nursing was SUCH a huge battle for me, until I found the Body Silk one.

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I live in Target's nursing tanks, day and night. Can be worn under anything or as is around the house and in bed. They're also pretty modest for pumping or NIP. I'm about a D cup and they provide great support.

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I like the Target brand nursing bras (Gilligan and OMalley or something?) I have the underwire ones and like much so I'm about to buy a few more.

Happy shopping!

Oh and I'm with you. Even though I'm just a full B, I think I like my A cup better.