One month already!

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One month already!

I can't believe my little boy is one month today! He has his check up today and he is 50% for height and 90% for weight he is 11lbs 5oz. He has a yeast diaper rash which we got a cream for. Also has to go see a specialist because the dumb dr messed up his circ and now gotta see if we can get him fixed. I told them in the hospital I didnt think it looked right but they brushed it off and said its from swelling well it still is messed up! His baby ance is all over his face, scalp,ears and now on his chest and back I know its nothing big but looks bad to me!

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Messed up circ? Yikes! I hope you can get it fixed and that it's not painful for him!

Sounds good otherwise though...healthy baby boy!! Yay!

Time sure is flying huh?

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time is flying by. went to the doc yesterday and already in one month jaydens weight has spiked up to 8lbs 13 ozs. considering he came out 5lbs 11 ozs i was glad to hear it.