Opinions IRL on Circ'ing

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Opinions IRL on Circ'ing

It really baffles me how many people IRL ask me if we plan on circ'ing - who would have thought that many people cared about my son's penis! And when I say, no...it's as if I just told them this big shocking secret. The responses are just ridiculous and I feel like I am constantly defending my decision. We're being told that he is going to be made "fun" of, that he won't "look" like anyone else, that I will "regret" the decision, and the best one is he'll totally "hate" us for not doing it early on. I still stand firm, and DH could careless because he knows I've done my research and he won't convince me otherwise.

Whenever I've had friends with little boys, I've never even though of questioning their choice on circ'ing. I suppose it's not my business first, and second...why would I care about their kids private parts?

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((HUGS)) I'm sorry!

While nobody asked us when we were pg with Miles what we were going to do, it was only bc they assumed that we were "of course" circ'ing.

Now that he is nearly 5, I can honestly say that about half of his friends are and half are not. Truth be told, I'm surprised at how many of his friends "are"--lol.....

We heard A LOT of grief from family when they found out he was intact. We didn't announce it or anything, but when we were visiting they would see during a diaper change and have a mini freak out. Silly.....

Now it is a non-issue.

If your son is ever angry that you didn't do it, he can always have it done later. The same can't be said the other way around.....

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I would say "Sorry, that's private." and leave it at that. It's no ones business but your own!

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That subject is nobody's business. Even online! It doesn't matter where it's discussed, it's private. I am really sorry that people are being so nosy! Maybe things like the internet and nosy talk shows lead folks to believe there are no "private" subjects anymore- but there are. I agree with Jamie- just say, "That's private".

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really odd...I dont think I actually ever had anyone ask me.

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No one ever asked me when I was having my son. I wouldnt think to ask anyone about their sons penis unless I was the one going tobe changing his diapers and needed to know anything that needed to be done different.

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I think you should answer however you are comfortable but if you are okay with defending yourself then I say spread the word! I think there are still many who circ because they just assume it's what you do. Maybe you talking about it and putting facts out there will have others questioning. At least if they are questioning it then they are making a conscious decision, no matter which way they decide to go.

It's amazing what people feel they have the right to say to strangers or acquaintances. Especially when it comes to pregnancy and children! I'm not sure why that is.

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Most folks who know me IRL know that I am an intactivist. Those who don't figure it out pretty quickly. Needless to say, I don't mind being asked--it's an opportunity for education!