Our Father's Day baby.....

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Our Father's Day baby.....

Hi, friends. Sorry to be MIA there for a bit-- we had a crazy 24 hours. Smile

I'm glad our news was shared-- baby boy arrived on Saturday night..... and I've been playing catch up ever since.

Essentially, I had those hours of contractions on Saturday early early morning, but I could sleep in between them and only a few of them did I have to think about and work through. Saturday during the day, they completely went away. Nada. Nothing. I was pretty bummed bc I really thought I'd get another due date baby. *sigh*

I took a good nap on Saturday afternoon and got up around 4p. I had a few strong contractions though the evening, but they were random, inconsistent and weren't long enough in duration. My parents had come to stay the weekend (though they get a hotel--LOVE them!) and my MIL was here, and everyone was anxious for baby to arrive. The kids were asking all day long-- do you think he'll come today, mama? All day long he felt really really low--and unlike any baby I've had before. I described it as a bowling ball in my bottom-- but squirmy. It was so odd and pretty uncomfy. When I'd have a contraction, the pressure in my bottom was intense....

After my nap, we ordered pizza for dinner. I took one bite and threw up. Sad It sounded good, but didn't sit well. At that point, I thought something might be up-- but still no contractions worth noting. After we put the kids to bed, I had a few strong, but really irregular and infrequent contractions. I took a shower. At about 830p, I called my MW just to tell her that I was maybe rumbling. after my last birth, we decided to err on the side of caution. She was grateful for the call and just asked that we keep her posted.

Trey, my MIL and I watched a movie. I was able to lay through all of it, with nothing worth nothing (it was like in the morning, as soon as I told someone about my contractions, they petered out. As soon as I called my MW, my contractions went away....again.) The movie was dull, so I decided to go up to bed. On my way up the stairs, I had one really strong contraction. I brushed my teeth, puttered around our room and had another one. It was about 1030p.

Trey had gotten everything out for our birth that morning. He had scrubbed the tub, put up the co-sleeper, laid out the towels, etc. Since he thought that baby was coming before noon.....

I turned on Saturday Night Live and sat in our big rocker and had a few more contractions. When Trey came up, I was sitting down having a contraction and it was pretty strong (strong enough that I had closed my eyes to get through it.) I continued to have contractions about every 8-10 minutes until just after 11p. At that point, they got really, really strong and instantly. I had diarrhea. I had a big glop of bloody show and I was having to rock/sway/move through contractions. I asked Trey to call the MW.

Funny side story, that will become more relevant later. Our neighbors were expecting their 3rd child on June 13 (her second VBAC.) We see the same HBMW. Throughout our pregnancies, we joked that it would be nice if we could time our deliveries, so that our MW and her assistant wouldn't have to make multiple trips to the same neighborhood--it would be nice if we could do post-baby appointments at the same time. When Trey called our MW, Beth, she told him she was just walking out the door to our neighbor's place-- but would send the apprentice, Abra, to us. Too funny....

At that point I had a few more contractions that were really really strong and that i could still feel in my bottom. Baby was moving ALL over in between contractions, it was wild. He was kicking, punching, squirming-- and rather unpleasant. I decided to get into the tub.

Abra arrived at our house about midnight. We decided to call my parents at their hotel (also, they had our oldest DD, Taya, with them....and we didn't want her or them to miss the birth.) We left the other kids sleeping (for the time.) Abra took a round of vitals, listened to the baby, etc. I asked her to check me, as I felt like I was getting close, but didn't think I could be so quickly. We also wanted to be sure to wake the kids. She simply said, I don't need to check you, I know you are close. You are working hard and he'll be here soon. She was right, my contractions were really really intense and they were coming nearly one on top of another. My parents arrived with Taya, and we woke up Callie and Miles. We decided to leave Lexi sleeping-- mostly bc we knew she wouldn't remember it and I was worried about getting her back to sleep post-baby. Poor girl!

I started to feel pushy and began pushing. My water was still intact and I had lots and lots of pressure. I was feeling really out of control and not like I have at other births. This was too fast. My water gave way and his head was right there. For my last two babies, my water has broken and I've had a baby literally minutes later, it has been almost simultaneous. This time, his head just sat there for what felt like forever. It totally caught me off guard. In between contractions, Beth arrived (she had previously been at the neighbors) and offered me a drink. It was nice to see her.....reassuring somehow. She reminded me that this baby seemed bigger, to take it slow and push him out.

I felt like I was pushing for eternity (turns out it was 6 minutes--lol-- I'm such a wimp!) But I was pushing so so hard to get him to budge. Finally his head cleared, and I moved on to his shoulders. When Beth checked for a cord, she found a hand. Little stinker had his right hand/fist by his head. Darn nuchal hand! No wonder his head was hard to get out. The rest of him slipped out and he was not so big. Smile He had lots more vernix that our other kids, and a really short cord (oddly, Miles had a short cord, too.) The 3 big kids, grandma, grandpa, my MIL, Trey (yahoo!), and two midwives were present for this birth-- so different than last time. I was much more vocal this time, as the pressure in my bottom was really different than other births.

As soon as baby was out, Abra had to leave to go back the neighbors quickly (good thing, too, bc our baby was born at 1240a and theirs was out at 1253a--yikes!) I stayed in the tub for a while and then moved to the bed to deliver the placenta. Once the placenta was out, baby was good, I was not bleeding much at all, and Beth took all my vitals, etc-- she left to go to the other birth and said she'd come back in a bit to finish up. Trey shuttled the others to bed (it was about 130a or so....) we said goodbye to my parents, etc and settled into bed while we waited for the MW's to come back.

Baby boy was so happy, pink, alert. He latched right on and nursed well. I had some toast and just hung out. Trey fell asleep.....the MW's came back just after 3a to do the full assessment. Little boy was 19 3/4 inches long, 7 lbs 4 oz, with a 14 1/4 inch head (plus the damn hand!) No wonder my bottom hurt! I had no tears or 'roids, so that was good.

They left around 4a. I dozed for a few hours with baby, but Lexi was up at 6a (usual) and I was eager for her to meet baby. She was so stinkin' cute and excited--we have some great pictures of that meeting.

Baby boy is still nameless, but great. A vigorous eater, content sleeper, etc. Our biggest problem is literally setting a timer to limit the big kids on whose turn it is to hold him.....they honestly fight over it and who "got to do it longer". They love this little guy.

I'll work on getting some pictures up. Everything went so fast that I didn't have my friend/photographer there. Sad She is nearly 40 minutes away and in the chaos, we didn't call her. I'm bummed about that.....Trey took some snapshots, but this birth is less documented than my others.

36 hours later and I'm feeling good. My bottom is less sore and I'm taking advil for the afterpains. That plus a good tight binding seems to have made the afterpains more manageable. Just waiting on my milk, now.

Just after birth

See that hand? It is ALWAYS by his face. Always.

Such happy big sisters!

Always with the hands!

I'll work on getting some birth pics up (these were just phone pictures....I need to dump the real camera shots....)

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He's so cute! Love that hand

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Congratulations on a beautiful son and a beautiful birth! How funny and cool that your neighbor delivered the same evening! Talk about busy midwives :-).
Lily was born with her hand on her face, so I know exactly what you're describing. It took forever (45 minutes) for me to push her head (and hand and arm) out.
Anyway congratulations! Rest up! Smile

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Congratulations! He looks great!

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The hand!!! Super cute......cant wait for more pics. Congrats!!!!

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Zintis had a nuchal hand too! What's with these kids!?! Wink

Sounds like this was quite an intense, fast birth....but all good in the end. Sorry you didn't get 6/16, but, him being born on Father's day is really pretty cool- especially since Trey got to be there! Smile

Love the pics!

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Sweet boy! Congrats, friend!! Sounds like your birth went awesome!!

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Congratulations! He is adorable Smile

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Congratulations and great job, mama! He is so cute (even with that trouble-making hand, LOL), and I love that he was born on Father's Day.

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Congratulations, mama!!