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Out for a while

I'm having a really rough morning. It's really the first time I have been reduced to tears over this process. I took a test this morning--Negative. I'm sure it's accurate. I have 2 days until AF is due, but I know my body. I think the stress of 8 months, looking at month number 9, having spent a few days with my sister and her beautiful new daughter....and the fact that there's *nothing* wrong with me or my husband, and yet, I still can't get pregnant.....it's just all too much. And while I am SO happy for the ladies on these boards as they get their BFP's, I can't help that little voice in my head that says "this is so unfair" as people come and go. So, I'll be around, but going into lurker mode for a while. Emotionally, right now, I just can't take it anymore.

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:bighug: I hope your TTC journey ends soon!

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:bighug: I can't say that I know exactly how you feel, but I do feel similarly myself. It's hard going cycle after cycle with BFNs. You can't help but get frustrated seeing everyone else getting their BFPs. I might step out for a while, too, because I just find myself getting too worked up over it. Thinking of you and praying for you. :bighug:

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Big hugs!!! Hang in there. I know first hand how stressful the ttc journey can be. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility while ttc #1. It took us 18 cycles to finally get pregnant. Now I'm on that emotional rollercoaster again. Don't give up! Good luck to you.

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Erin :bigarmhug:

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So sorry about the BFN Erin. I know that horrible down feeling all too well. All I can say is let yourself feel sad for a few days....it is totally normal, and hopefully you will feel better soon.

Have you gotten the results of all your fertility screening?

Here's to better luck next time.


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Hugs honey, and completely understandable. I hope to see you with a beautiful BFP soon!

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It WILL happen, I promise. I had just given up hope when it did.

Just FYI, Clomid alone never worked for me bc of my tilted uterus and it thinned it out too much. Ask for an IUI next time w/ monitoring, that's what I needed - to get the sperm right next to the egg. Also, ask for progesterone supplements to thicken uterus! Good luck. It took us 20 cycles, but it will happen and you'll appreciate it all the more. Smile

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I'm so sorry you are having a bad day. I went through the same thing and finally after taking my temp's every freaking day at 630am and using OPK for almost a year, I made an apt with an RE. Turns out my "perfect" 28 period wasn't perfect. I maybe ovulated once a year, which the dr knew since I had an early miscarriage. Thankfully after testing, they found that I only have one poorly working side plus needed progesterone to help a baby stick past the first 12 weeks. Don't give up hope, because I had done just that when I decided to use the last injection pen and just cross my fingers. That last cycle that I had given up hope on, gave me a bean that stuck. :bigarmhug:

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:bigarmhug: Sorry you're feeling down. These boards can be so supportive and helpful at times, and also have the opposite effect when it seems like everyone but you is getting BFPs on the first try and testing positive at 3 DPO or whatever :confused: It will happen for you though. It doesn't make it suck any less to keep getting let down month after month, but it is normal to take up to a year for a perfectly healthy couple to get pregnant. There are just so many factors that have to happen just so...I bet it will happen soon for you! Don't give up yet...or, from the sounds of things based on what previous posters have said, maybe you should give up and then BOOM it will happen Wink

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Praying your TTC journey ends soon.


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Im so sorry :bighug: we are here for you if you need us

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*hugehugs* I totally know how you feel. In fact, I wonder why I am still on these BBs after TTC for 25 mths!

Anyways, you should do what's best for yourself, and if that means staying away or just lurking for a bit, that's ok, everyone understands.

With DD, I did that for after the first 4-5 cycles, b/c I also had difficulties when I couldn't get pg but everyone seemed to be! I actually stopped coming here...and that's when I got my BFP. I hope the same happens to you...not b/c you went away of course...but b/c it was meant to be the very next cycle.

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Thinking of you Erin, can't wait to see the BFP I know is coming for you!!!

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I'm sorry for your sadness :(. It WILL be your turn one day. Please take care of yourself, feel better, best wishes to you.

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Hope you're having a better day and keep positive!
I've often just left this site for a while to clear my head- and to stop seeing other peoples BFPS.. and honestly, as much as I like this site and support, it makes time go by even slower for me... The times that I'm not on here, time goes by SOOO QUICKLY... and also, the more I'm on here the more I seem to WANT it.. because everyone else/all we talk about is BFPS and babies.

But if I'm just hanging out in RL- there's so many OTHER things going on that I dont put all of my thoughts/energy towards it..

Just remember that there is no reason why you WONT or CANT get pregnant- it's just a matter of WHEN!!! And I think it'll be soon!!!! with quads maybe!? :):)