Patience is a virtue, but waiting sucks

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Patience is a virtue, but waiting sucks

Just a small confession. Like everyone, the waiting is driving me crazy! Waiting for the first doc appointment, waiting to know if everything will be ok. Plus Im having such lighter symptoms than my first which is making me worry. Then again, it could just be the calm before the storm....Im pretty early.

If I didnt have this forum to read all the time I may really be losing it. lol Thanks ladies!

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No kidding. The 2ww followed by more waiting for the first doc appt, waiting to tell people (that is the hardest part! My mom was visiting for a few days and I wanted to tell her so bad!), waiting to hear the heartbeat, waiting for the first u/s, waiting for the m/s to go away, waiting for the first tri to be over so you can breathe a little easier. Then later waiting to find out the gender (if you are) and then of course waiting for labor to start and then waiting for the baby to arrive! Well worth all the waiting of course.

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Oh yes! The waiting! And the lighter symptoms! I kept waiting for things to get as bad as they were with my first pregnancy- but now at 9 weeks, I have to assume that either something is wrong, or this pregnancy is just WAY different. Of course, hoping for the latter! In the end, it would be kind of cool to get away with even less morning sickness than I had last time (last time I had lots of nausea, but never puked)- hey, maybe every pregnancy will get easier for me, until I'm one of those women that is just like, "What? I'm pregnant? Well, let's push this baby out!" ha ha!

Anyway...I hear ya.... three more weeks for me til my ultrasound!

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Ugh. I get tired of waiting too. I told my husband I don't know if I can wait until June to meet the baby! I just LOVE babies and want to hold him/her already! Smile