Pepcid is amazing

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Pepcid is amazing

I've been meaning to say Pepcid has changed my life. I still don't have an appetite, but thank God no more heartburn! Pepcid is like the best invention ever Smile

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I'm so glad it is working for you! I tried it for a couple days and it did squat...I am taking max does Zantac 150 and it helps enough for me to sleep at night.


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Glad you found relief!

I am taking zantac 75 about every other night. I woke up last night with burning acid comming up my throat and it helped in 5 minutes. I am glad there are only 3 weeks left cause I have never had heart burn when not pregnant.

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glad it's worked for ya...i've had to take it since november and i swear if i skip a dose, i feel like a fire breathing dragon. it did help bring my appetite back. and i have to admit i get some wicked heartburn.

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LOL! I am pretty much addicted to TUMS. Yup, even before pregnancy. I hate the feel of nausea.