Photos of Lily Rose

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Photos of Lily Rose

Here is a photo of Lily, a few hours old, then a photo of Lily at home with her sister Penelope. I love how Penny is a blonde and Lily is dark haired for now.


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Oh the cheeks!!! My DD had some massive cheeks when she was born too... brings back memories! Smile Your older DD is WAY too cute! That hair! I imagine it's a pain to take care of...but so cute! Smile They are adorable together... I bet they will be best of friends! Smile

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Oh my! I love how squishy she is...beautiful!

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Oh em gee. Lily + Penelope = cutest thing ever. Adorable......

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Mara, Penny's hair is a challenge, I'm always trying to restrain it with bows and pigtails Smile but its fun and we love the curls.

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Your girls are beautiful! I love Lily's cheeks-- too too sweet!

Our first dd had stick straight brown/black hair at birth-- our second had curly red. It is so fun to see what the genetics pop out!

Oh- and I'm so sorry that Lily had a nuchal hand, too. Ouchie wowsers, mama. Good work getting everything out!

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Gorgeous girls! I love Lily's chubby cheeks.