PP Bleeding Question

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PP Bleeding Question

So I'm 2.5 weeks postpartum and I'm still bleeding bright red... nothing HUGE, but similar to a period. Tonight I passed some good sized clots too. I know I've had two kids before, but I remember bleeding heavy for a few days, and then it tapered off and gradually turned to brown spotting by now.

I feel like maybe this isn't normal. I started off barely bleeding at all, and about a week ago it picked up and became red and heavier. I will probably put a call in to my OB tomorrow, just because I am a little nervous about it. Especially after all the bleeding I had right after delivery... I am afraid my iron levels are down (I've been craving ice).

Would you be worried?

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I posted somewhere about this same thing. My bleeding continued very red almost until the very end. I was surprised by it. I'm 3 weeks 1 day pp now, and am pretty much done bleeding... but seriously, it was red until the end. The clots might be a bit more worrisome... like maybe you're doing too much, etc?

I'd say if you're worried, call your OB. You'll feel better!

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I'll be 3 weeks out on Sunday and I still get gushes of red blood several times a day along with small clots. The nurse said it was probably because I've been so active since his birth that everything just pools up causing the gushes. I'm ready for it to stop already! So annoying. Like you, I also think my iron is low. All I want is steak and I'm not a red meat eater typically...that and ice. I'm still taking prenatals do hopefully that helps.

Hope yours stops soon!

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I know it's different because this is only my first, but my bleeding is close to nothing until I breastfeed, then I'll have a bit of red. I doubt I've helped but I thought I'd try. Calling my doctor always calms me down. Smile

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Hey first time moms have pleanty of experience to offer!
Same happens to me- I bleed a bit after nursing but not really any other time. Was told this is normal. I'm sure ready for the spotting to be over!!!

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Since I passed that large clot, my bleeding has almost completely gone away. I am just spotting pink now, but it's really only there when I wipe. Anyways, hopefully its just about done, and I'm no longer worried. Thanks for the help!