Pre-Op Appt

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Pre-Op Appt

Just finished with it and now know that I will report in at 9am on Monday and Little Wesley make his entrance by 11am! Not a fan that I have to take off my toenail polish. Hmph. Give me at least SOME dignity...I am already going to look like a wreck! lol

...nerves are settling in now. John's bday is today and he is a bit depressed (being so far away and the impending arrival of his son that he will miss).

The time has come...can't wait to introduce him to everyone!!! Yahoo

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Yay for knowing the plan! What the heck is up with the nail polish thing??? I plan on going to get a pedicure today so that my toes look extra good for birth... what possible complication could toe nail polish cause??? I'm sorry for you!

Happy birthday to your DH! Sorry you have to be apart on so many special days here! Sad

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That's awesome you know the date. Weird on the polish, I had a fresh pedicure when I went into labor last time and had a c-section - of course that was labeled an "emergency"...still though, it shouldn't make a difference!!

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Monday is sooo close! That's exciting! Don't be nervous, easier said than done. I'm sorry your husband is missing this important day... That just blows. Gotta love orders.

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Yeah for so soon!

That is strange about the toe nail polish. With my 1st I wore knee socks and my sports bra thru the entire csection. I didnt want my legs to get cold and get prickely leg hair Smile

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Boo for having to remove your toenail polish! I have never had a C, but in other surgeries I have had to remove my finger nail polish. I *think* it had something to do with checking the color for circulation or something. I dunno why you'd have to do your toes too though. BUMMER! YAY for baby coming soon though!

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That is it! I am NOT removing my toenail polish. I will compromise (;)) and remove my nail polish but I will make sure that I have the bottle with me to paint them when ready! I have over 115 nailpolishes...yes, I am crazy.