Prenatal vitamins?

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Prenatal vitamins?

Hi ladies,
Anyone else check this board? I have a hard time swallowing pills and wonder if anyone has suggestions for a liquid or chewable prenatal vitamin besides just taking Flintstones. If all goes according to plan next month, I will become a regular here!

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***Lurk***Hmmm, I don't think I've come across any chewable prenatals. But I have heard many say they chew the Flinstone Vitamins. Interesting!

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They do make some chewable one's but they require a prescription. I haven't seen any OTC ones though.

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Per my dr's advice, I just took Flintstones for my first tri, as the iron in the prenatals made me really sick. So I'd think Flintstones are fine for TTC as well.

I added in more folic acid, though.

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I found these on "Vitafusion Prenatal, Gummy Vitamins, 90-Count"

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The vitafusions are god but yu have to take 2 a day.

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Yeah these are what I take since regular prenatals make me sick. A serving is 2 and they taste good Smile

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I've also heard the gummy viteys are good, I see them at target a lot!!!

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Hi! I have esophageal strictures that makes it very hard to swallow pills, as well. Our pharmacy carries an adult one a day gummy vitamin that I take. I also take an extra folic acid pill, which is really tiny, so I can swallow it.

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I've always taken 2 "Flinstone type" vitamins. I buy off-brand ones (usually "One Source") that are cheap, but I check the ingredient amounts to make sure I'm still getting the bang for my buck.

I also add a folic acid supplement. They are sooo tiny that they practically dissolve in my mouth with no trouble.

I swallow a small pill (not pregnancy related) almost every night and it NEVER gets any easier. I still gag every now and then. And medium sized pills I gag on probably 1/2 the time. I don't even attempt large ones (like capsules). I straight up ask the pharmacist or my doctor for a liquid suspension. Sad