Prolapse... anyone?

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Prolapse... anyone?

So... with all the problems I had toward the end of this pregnancy (the engorgement, roids, etc), I've been worried about ever really going back to somewhat normal. So I was using a mirror to check out how I was looking yesterday, and things just looked a little off. I was just talking to my BFF when I saw her last week, and she was telling me that after her third baby (she delivered a week before me) she has a prolapsed uterus. So as I was looking at things, etc, it sort of got me thinking... worrying about prolapse for myself.

Have any of you mammas dealt with prolapsed anything? How long after birth did you know it was an issue? Was it super obvious, or not? My BFF said she was in a lot of pain, and that is not the case for me... so hopefully that is a good sign!

I did see an OB today, and he said when he checked me laying down (only because I asked), everything seemed to mostly be where it should have been- but this was not someone I have a relationship with (meaning it was the first time ever I saw him, and it wasn't for this issue). But he did say that it could be a different story when I'm sitting or standing... great.

Anyway... so, I know the 6 week check-up is a 6 week check-up for a reason- it might take that long for things to really get back to normal... but I know after Beni, I think I pretty much felt back to normal as soon as my bleeding stopped at like 2-3 weeks postpartum. It's not so this time... so, I'm just wondering.

Sorry, this is a long rambling post! Smile