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qotd 02/05

anyone else expierencing mood swings lately? if so, irritable or sappy moods?

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my mood changes in like two seconds flat. i've experienced laughter, frustration and desperated crying in the span of five minutes. i'm extremely sensitive.

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Omg yes. I have the added bonus of 2 year old getting her molars and sleeping about 3 hours every night. DH was bugging me to make him lunch yesterday, which was his day off... And I burst into tears because I wouldn't believe he couldn't make himself lunch ONE day a week. I cook lunch and dinner for him daily because he comes home for his lunch break. I was inconsolable for a few minutes.
It's insane but my moods can go from 0-60 in no time at all

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Some days I feel pretty normal but then I will have a day where I feel like I'm on the verge of tears or frustrations all day. Those days are not fun for anyone!

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my moods have been so so. somedays ok somedays not. found myself last night at work to have been irritable beyond belief. flipped out because i smashed my foot on sloppy stacked dishes by one of my crew. not fun. then when i got home burst in tears when i found out my brother is finally home after 5 years. was so happy. yeah i've had both!

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I'm mostly just irritable and that turns into tears quickly.

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Not really. I can always tear up at the drop of a hat, but I'm a pretty even keeled happy go lucky person.....and that hasn't changed this pg. I never really feel "big" mood swings when preggers (thank goodness!)

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I've been more irritable, for sure... it's not TOO bad but I can tell I'm *****y.

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My temper is firey and super short when I'm pregnant. I dont get angry at my husband or daughter, but random cOmments and conversations just make my blood boil. It's weird. I'm aware of this, so I control myself very well. But wow! Talk about hormones...