QOTD 1/5

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QOTD 1/5

What are you looking forward to in this new year?

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There is a good chance we will be moving sometime in the near future. I'm not excited about the moving part but I am excited about having a new home. It will be bittersweet but I am hoping we find some place quieter. Between 6:30am band practice at the high school, a brief season of dove hunting across the street (that starts at the crack of dawn), CONSTANT trains 24/7, noisy neighborhood kids that are outdoors screaming at 10pm, barking dogs, etc, I am really wanting a place that we can have a little more peace and quiet.

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Spending more time in the States with my family. I get back to the States on March 25, and will be there until Aug 1. Can't wait! Smile

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I hope my husband gets a new job this year. He just finished school and will get his bachelor's degree in the mail in a couple of weeks. He's a trucker and it's getting REALLY old. Can't wait to have him home every night.

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Going back to school full time. I hope it all works out so that I can.

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Being a mommy! This will be my first.

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Meeting the new addition.. and maybe finishing my AA in Accounting if all goes well.