QOTD 10/2

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QOTD 10/2

Thought it would be nice to start a QOTD thread. Anyone can post one each day.

They say that everyone is a student, and everyone is a teacher.
If you were a teacher, what subject would you like to teach and why?
What subject would you prefer not to teach?

(I realize some of you may be teachers!) Wink

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I am a teacher by trade. I taught for 7 years before becoming a SAHM, Kindergarten for 5 of them. I love the little ones. I really enjoyed Kindergarten. I would not ever want to teach middle or high school. I could probably do up through the limits of grade school (like grade 6), but that would be my limit.

I'm actually not sure about going back to it ever. I love working with kids, but I was never good at the planning.

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I am not a fan of school (I say this as I am working on my Doctorate's)

However, if I were a teacher, I would not like to teach math considering I am pretty pitiful at it. I cannot seem to grasp the concepts of algebra, etc (I don't know who came up with those formulas and why) but can ace statistics. I do not understand that.

I would love to teach music! Well, not all music...I play the French Horn and trumpet so I think I should just stick with those instruments. Or, I would like to teach English. I love writing and proofreading (please don't critique me on the forums - I find myself all over the place).

I give much respect to teachers. I do not think that I have the patience to teach all day. I have about 200+ people under me in my profession and I feel pulled in many directions. However, they are not under my legs wanting the attention that a child portrays. Kudos to all teachers! Smile

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Teach: English
No way: Math... I SUCK!

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I am full-time college right now so I totally loathe school...

But I've always thought about teaching, if I were to choose one subject it would be History. And I would totally avoid Math at all costs. I am the suck at the subject.

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I'd like to teach Biology or Anatomy. But I'd never want to teach Chemistry.

I've worked as a instructional assistant for special needs kids in Kindergarten and I loved it. So I'd put Kindergarten on my list as well.

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I'd love to be a teacher. Even though I hate going to school.

I used to want to be an elementary school teacher but now I'd kind of prefer highschool-
Home ec? Is that still an option?!?! Or be the counsler... maybe creative writing or something.

No chemistry, no math. I don't like to teach things that people struggle with haha..

Elementary would be so fun because I love the "holiday" fun...those are my best memories, the fun things we made, the art, haha..