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QOTD 12/12

Sorry I haven't been posting every day... anyone else can post ones if I haven't done so that day.

Do you prefer books or movies?

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movies because of lack of attention span and lazyiness...yeah i know sounds bad. lol

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Books! I love the twilight series, but the movies not so much.

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Depends on my mood. I do love a great book-- though admittedly with my current life and career-- I see more movies than I read books.

My favorite are the Boyeln series by Phillipa Gregory. They are awesome IMO.....

I was an English major and read so many-- but the Gregory books stand out right now.

Fave movies? Old faves include Parenthood w. Steve Martin and others, The Wedding Singer and The Princess Bride. I never tire of those movies.....

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I like both.. The Notebook is my favorite movie and book..

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I didn't do any pleasure reading for at least 4 years while I was in college. I had no desire to read because all I did was read my textbooks. But this past year I'm trying to catch up on stuff I should haven already read by now lol.

Like... the "Hunger Games" trilogy, "1984," I read "Treasure Island" because it was a free ebook lol, I read Jaycee Dugard's book about her kidnapping, and now I'm reading "Ender's Game" and I'm almost finished with it. That's what I've read since March, so I'm not reading THAT much. But I'm working on it.

Oh and I do not like real books at all. I only read on my iPad in bed.

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I love to read and I love to watch movies. If I get on a kick, I can get through a few books a month- it helps that I am able to read on my ipod while I nurse DD- especially at nap and bedtimes. Recently, I have been totally addicted to playing solitaire on my ipod while DD nurses, so, although I am very close to a running score of 10,000 in solitaire, I haven't read any books. Smile I've honestly read too many books to have a fave. I do have some favorite authors- they include Marian Keyes, Nicholas Sparks, Jennifer Weiner, Jodi Picoult....there are so many more, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head whose books always get pre-ordered on Amazon when there is a new one coming out. Smile I love to read on my Kindle and ipod (ipod is best for night now, because of being backlit), but I do love reading an actual book as well.

My favorite movies of all time are Dirty Dancing (RIP Patrick Swayze, I cried when I heard he died- my total biggest celebrity crush ever), and Le Fabuleaux Destin d'Amelie Poulain (released in the States as simply, Amelie). I couldn't even begin to say how many times I've seen Dirty Dancing. I haven't seen Amelie as many times, but I did see it twice in the theater in France. Smile

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I read a lot. I don't have the attention span for movies. I've read probably 150 books this year...

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I have a few friends from my last birth board who go through tons of books every month. I don't know how they do it. I'm much better at going through tons of movies each month lol (with Netflix streaming).

There's probably lots of places to get free or reduced price ebooks (like .99) but here is one place that they/we frequent: Pixel of Ink.

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I adore my Kindle, so books! I just downloaded the Hunger Games. I only have time to read when I'm traveling for work.