QOTD 12/13

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QOTD 12/13

What is your one "luxury" item? Expensive shampoo, getting your nails done, etc? If you don't have one, what would you like it to be?

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My camera and multiple lenses.

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Makeup - I only wear Clinique! It's expensive but worth it.

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eating out.

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I dunno. My gadgets? We get new ones every 18 months to 2 years. And we always buy THE BEST phone. Or THE BEST laptop. I have an iPad but I bought it used and it's an older model.

I never get my nails done, I never get my hair done. I barely wear makeup. I eat out at Taco Bell which doesn't cost that much. I don't spend that much money on clothes. So yeah. Gadgets lol.

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My nails... which look AWEFUL right now. I keep them really short but I like them painted nicely. Makeup and skin care have been my thing lately.. I am addicted to sephora.

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Hmmm... I get mani/pedis now and then, and the occasional massage... but these things are not really luxuries price-wise (very cheap here in Laos- my last mani/pedi cost $16 all up, and massages are less than $10.) they are more luxuries time-wise! I do spend money on good food. Traveling (like the three weeks we are about to spend in Bali, Thailand and Malaysia) is definitely a luxury of ours, although very normal for where and how we live.

Funny thing, it's almost more of a luxury for me to buy American ibuprofen for my daughter, and have it shipped over here. She won't take any local brands, but we end up spending a lot of the buying and then shipping of things like that!

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I only get one or two luxuries? Boo!

I get my nails done every few weeks-- I like them really short, but keep Shellac on them so that they are always painted and chip free. Kind of a must with the work that I do.

I also make sure that I make time for myself. I go to the gym and "allow" myself that down time, away from kids and work to re-focus.....I need it.

If I could-- I'd love to hire a housekeeper and not worry about any housework....maybe some day!