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QOTD 12/16

What is your most wanted baby item? If you already have it, what is it?

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I would really like a new crib... we have one from the boys that is functional, but it's all chewed up from DS1 and it's HUGE for the tiny room we'd be putting it in. So it's not something I really need, but want... and probably won't get Biggrin

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I want a new rocking chair for nursing the baby. I want like those expensive, huge, puffy, "lazy boy" type chairs Smile

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my most wanted item...the baby swing. it worked wonders for all of my little sisters so this will definitely be something i want for my kiddo. that or a gliding swing for my front porch. i loved getting my sisters to sleep in the summer just rocking them to sleep.

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A super cool, all guns blazin', spectacular pram (stroller to you guys across the pond.)

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Either a new crib or swing.

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A new glider. We have a hand me down that has started to squeak recently and I want a fancy one with cushions that won't bonk my kid's head while we're nursing and has pockets to put my kindle in.

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I really want an awesome lightweight double stroller... I'm going to try my best to get one but I doubt it will be one of the really nice ones.

ETA: Or Sit and Stand

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It is crazy...after having two kids, I don't know exactly what to want. I know I don't need a lot of stuff like I thought I did with the first one. It is funny that after each pregnancy, the needs/wants dwindle. So...if I had to pick, I would choose...

A Medela Breast Pump - I will end up buying one but that is the only item that I have actually been researching. I donated my other one to a women's shelter because I told myself I wasn't going to have any more children!

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I want an Ameda Purely Yours (double electric) breast pump. It comes with different sized flanges. I need big ones. My POS pump I had last time made EVERYTHING worse because it didn't fit my nipples properly.

Other than that I will probably buy or make replacement covers for all my pink baby items, so that they will work for a boy.

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I already have my favourite baby item, it's my Stokke Xplory pram. I just love all the features, especially that baby is up high and I don't need to bend down to tend to him/her.

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I want a new swing, with DD we had the Fisher Price Polar Bear one - but it is battery operated, so I gave it away to my sister. I want one of the Mama-Roo type swings, much more of a cuddle type swing. We have everything else, especially if it is a girl. If it happens to be a boy, well that's going to put a snag in some things!

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With this being #5, we pretty much have everything. We gave away a few things when we moved (expired car seat for example....) And it is funny how we know now what we really need and what doesn't get used.

Our best purchase is either our Phil and Ted's E3 with the doubler (in line stroller) or our Ergo with a baby insert. We couldn't survive without those.

Not one of our 4 kids has enjoyed the swing-- so we gave it away and I don't intend to even try it with this one--lol!