QOTD 2/10

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QOTD 2/10

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Do you love it, hate it, or don't really care?

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call me a miser but never been too openly affectionate nor was i ever given roses for the right reasons so this year as well as the past i told dh dont waste the money on it...he plans to cook me dinner and let me get a few more pairs of jogging pants. expecting him to say only 1 pair he told me to get 3 since they looked good. lol that was my pampering!

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Don't really care. We save our money for holidays that really mean something to us. I'd rather go out to eat at a nice restaurant on a day when there aren't double the amount of people waiting to do the same thing. And if I get flowers, I love them, but they end up dying (whehter he gets a plant or cut). Jason is getting a chocolate puppy and I'll probably get some Godiva, but we don't need a holiday to let each other know we're appreciated and loved. I do adore all the pictures on facebook of goodies my friends got and knowing they are a little happier on that day makes me happy.

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We're not big on it, but, DH does usually do something just for me, because he's Aussie, and they don't really celebrate V-day much. In years past he's made sure I got some flowers and some chocolate. We don't worry about a big dinner or anything... Not sure if we'll manage anything this year... his parents leave that morning, we both have to work that day until 5, we won't have a babysitter... maybe we'll just have sex. Smile That would make it a pretty special day at this point! Ha!

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I love Valentine's Day! Always have! I love the colors, hearts, roses, candies and cards. I've never let being single or whatever get in the way of me enjoying the day. I used to make all my friends heart shaped cookies in college.
Anyway my husband has asked me out to dinner for Valentine's day. Last year we had a romantic indoor candle lit picnic. We love to celebrate. Although sex sort of scares me right now... I've never had such a low sex drive!
Happy Valentine's day! Wink

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I don't think my husband has ever been home for an anniversary or Valentine's day since he's a trucker. So they don't really get celebrated. If he were here it would be nice to go out on a date night or something.

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I enjoy valentine's day, we don't do the gift thing though. I hate wasting so much on flowers so that was nixed years ago! We go to our favorite place for dinner, literally that we only go to on v-day mainly due to price. And we just enjoy each other a little more. This year, we're taking Kaylin with us. We did get her a big stuffed bear and some huge v-day balloons that she's been mesmerized by everytime we go to the store.