QOTD 8/3

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QOTD 8/3

What is your favorite room in your house? Why?

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living room. kiddo falls asleep there and besides the obvious it has the 54 inch flat screen tv for the sleepless nights.

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Bathroom. Its the only room I get to be alone. Blum 3 HAHA

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My favourite room is my bedroom! Get to sleep there and that was where Henry was born. It's a place I go to get away from all the whiny children too!

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My kids rooms... When they are sleeping in them. Lol. At least this week that's how I feel. It's super hot here and there's a bad flu going around so we haven't been out much and were all getting a bit of cabin fever. I look forward to their bedtime lately

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My study comes in close second, because I've hung all my art by me there. I'm such a narcissist. My guest room is number one, because I love that it's always clean in there. I'll go sit in the guest room just to enjoy the clutter free space.

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living room. Ours has a desk with the laptops and the pictures of our famiily on the walls and it's by far the largest room in the house.

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I have to say my kitchen. It's the most important to me. Even just since we've gotten home, it's the first room I've really worried about cleaning and getting back in working order. I love to cook, I love food. I guess the kitchen is sort of the place where I get my most "me time". That said, I can't really say that I love any of the rooms in my house, because we rent here in Laos, and ALL the rooms have SERIOUS flaws... but, it's all good enough. Smile