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QOTF 12/20

What's the farthest you've ever traveled?

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It's a toss-up between Saudi Arabia, Iraq, or Egypt...It wasn't for vacation - The military sent me! :rolleyes:

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oklahoma....lawton, ok and oklahoma city, ok. was nice

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In Canada, Ottawa
In the USA, atlantic city nj.. We went to Pittsburgh and Philly on
That trip too.. And I've been to Chicago.. That's the total extent of my travel history

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I travel a lot. I have to for work. I've been to 48 of the US State (just never Alaska or Idaho....odd, eh?)

But the farthest was probably Bangkok, Thailand. Though Taiwan and South Korea were close seconds......

Though I love to see the world, I prefer to be home!

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Farthest I've ever gone is Hawaii. I'd love to visit Australia, Canada and Japan some day.

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Well I am from Australia, so my answers are a little different! I have been to most of Europe, the Middle East, a few places in Asia, and a couple of places in the US. By far the most interesting place I have been to was China with Egypt a close second, the most romantic was Sorrento, Italy with Paris, France, a close second.

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Mexico, but that should change in the next few years. Dh should be going to Japan in the fall and I'll go out there to visit and I'm hoping we get Germany in 2013. We were going to Egypt for our 5 year anniversary (and our honeymoon) but I was pregnant for both.

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I went from Santa Barbara, CA to New York City for New Years (we actually went New Years Day, not eve). I went from San Francisco to a cruise that went down to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. I've taken a lot of other trips as an adult, but those are the farthest 2.

Growing up we were usually broke. Our vacations usually involved tent camping around Lake Tahoe (not very expensive, and just a 4hr drive from home).

My hubby is almost done with school. Once I pop this 2nd kid out, in a few years maybe we'll have the time and resources to go somewhere exciting. Biggrin

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Toronto, Canada or Jamaica!

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wow very interesting we have some very well traveled mamas!! I actually do not travel much...the furthest I have been is Dominican Republic....but my dh now he travels....everywhere. He has seen the world...I have seen my back yard with my kids Smile Maybe someday...but if not, Im actually fine with that!

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Hawaii is the farthest I've gone. Belize would be second. I haven't traveled much at all. I would love to go to France and see a lot of Europe one day. In fact, there are not many places that I wouldn't like to go and see. I like being home, but I want to see the world.

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