Question for those that know gender....

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Question for those that know gender....

Hi! I am a September 2012 mama and am curious as to where the heartbeats per minute are for girls and boys for those that know what you are having. While I know that the correlation between heartbeat and gender is an old wives tale it is still fun to see where they fall. All of my boys were 138-142 and this one is at 168 bpm, but it also may be a little too early to know too (13.5 weeks).

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mine has varied...but several that were in the 140s range. if it makes a difference i am having a boy and carrying low. good luck!

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At 10 weeks mine's heart beat was about 168 I think. Then I had to start asking what the HB was because some of the drs I saw just wanted to make sure they could find one at my other appts. For a while mine was in the 140s (like 148 I think) and now it's usually between 120 and 135. I'm having a boy.

With my girls I honestly don't remember what theirs was.

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I had both boys and girls-- and sorry, they have never correlated to anything other than a healthy babe!

I hope you get your girl, Janae! I'm sending you all my pink vibes. Smile

Though, you *do* make such handsome boys!

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This one has been in the 140's - but so was my DD. So I agree with Audra, didn't tell me anything!

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Mine measured around 140 beats and I'm having a boy and my sister who is 5 weeks behind me had a heartbeat of 155-175 and she is also having a boy.... Old wives tale didnt hold true for her

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My DD's first HB (at 13 weeks) was 159. She kept dropping throughout the pregnancy though- where the average I'd say was in the 1302-140s.

I don't know what I'm having now (didn't with DD either), and have never been told a number on heartbeat either! Ha!

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definitely no correlation here! I have had sons in the 160'd and this little peanut...who is a girl..runs 130's lately. She also is a little less active than a lot of my babies...Im wondering if they heartrate has more to do with activity level (which holds true in people generally speaking anyways) when they are more mellow lazy babies...lower heartrates...when they are movers and shakers...higher heart rate? Not sure...but I have had heartrates go both ways for both genders!! Sending pink vibes! (if that is what you want of course)

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I agree -- old wives tale!

My DS was always in the 150-160's, and this one - another boy - is always in the low 140's! So yeah, definitely no correlation here for me.