Received Orders!

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Received Orders!

The USAF is moving us again! We will be moving in January to Langley AFB, VA! WOOHOO!!!!!
Excited about the state...just not my job. Will have to be there 4 years. Anyone from that area?

So...with that being said...on top of DH being deployed and me going back to work in 3 kids...I have to sell a house. I know I can do it...but I may have one strand of hair left before we move. The military won't let me get away with one strand of hair in uniform! :o

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Im from VA. Used to live in that area (DS 1 born in Norfolk Naval Hospital).....Recently hopped across river to MD but born and raised in VA. Its a good location, you can get to DC, with in a few hours. Be a little careful about the neighborhoods in Newport News, but I think Hampton is nice.

Congrats and good luck!!!!!

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Girlfriend... you have SUCH a full plate! You amaze me!

Is there anything you can do about your job? I have no idea how it works once you're in the service if you get assigned something, or if you get choice about it...