Red Meat....

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Red Meat....

I was really really excited to have steak tonight. I bbq'd two Filets and cut one open... cooked perfect and almost threw up. The smell is more than I can handle... I tried to take a bite because I felt like I was being ridiculous and couldn't chew it. Chunks of red meat and I aren't getting along I guess. A cheeseburger sounds good though. Oh the joys of being pregnant. This is the first time thats really happened to me. Anyone else having food issues still?

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I'm a vegetarian- haven't eaten red meat in 10+ years, but, I do cook meat for my husband regularly. I cooked some ground beef the other day and almost threw up. The smell of the blood cooking was just way too much. I mentioned it on facebook, and a bunch of women commented saying they'd experienced the same kind of thing with red meat while pregnant- and none of them were/are veggies. So apparently it's a pretty common aversion/repulsion.

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I couldn't be around red meat during DD's pregnancy. This one I can tolerate but the smell is still odd, I haven't ate red meat much at all.

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I can do ground beef.... some days I am a little iffy. We don't eat red meat often so DH wasnt disapointed when I said I wouldnt be doing steaks, roast etc... for awhile.

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OMG-- right now I love red meat! We had steaks on the grill last night and they were soooo yummy!

Sorry ya'll are struggling with some food aversions. I totally remember with my first dd that I ate a lot of cereal.....meat pretty much grossed me out the entire time. Wink But now? I could go for another big burger--lol!

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I'm loving red meat too. I had steak at the Hibachi grill today and had a hard time letting dh take the leftovers. We also drove around town a few Sunday's ago because I desperately wanted one and I keep pulling red meat out of the freezer. I almost threw up one of dh's shrimp from the Hibachi though. It feels weird that my aversion is usually my favorite (I'm like Bubba on Forest Gump).