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Removed thread

Thanks for those reporting the "testing" posts. It was another spam account. The user has been informed in the past on how to submit content for consideration vs. creating fake scenarios within our community to advertise.

Thank you all for being quick to catch!

All the best!
~Missy (

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just did everyone know it was spam?

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People who aren't spam usually ask questions about their pregnancy after telling you something about themselves.

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I honestly found using the specific name of the test weird. Like, I have tests done at the docs, but the most I can say for it is, "Blood test" or "testing for this or that" I don't know the specific name of any test that I am given. I mean, even when they make you do the glucose test... do you know the name of the drink you drink beyond sugar syrup? Or the name of the actual testing mechanism that gives you your answer? I don't. So that is what was weird to me.

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I only knew because it was their 1st post to the persons account and because its the second time they posted on a forum I use...must have been the large family forum last time...and it was the same exact test.

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Thanks for sharing!

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I saw that and didn't respond since it definitely looked like spam. Like Mara said, they used the specific name of the test. On top of that, it was their very first post. Big red flag.