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Is anyone else having to get the rhogam shots? I've been trying to learn more about it, I was hoping maybe someone here has had experience with it.

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Im sorry I do not! Hopefully someone here can fill you in!

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My blood type is A- and DH is O+ so I have to get the rhogam. Actually I have to get it Wed ha. About 28 weeks of pregnancy they will do a blood test to confirm your blood type and then they'll get the shot ready (it has to be done within 48 hours of making the shot, no idea why though...something about it not being any good anymore). I'm on a military base, so they do my bloodwork and everything then the next day or two I come back in for the shot. Other times the dr will have you go in for labs and then you wait a few hours to get the shot (that's what happened with DD2...I went to the hospital where they did took blood then I came back a few hours later to get my shot). They give you the shot (usually in the butt or hip) and it can be sore for a little bit afterwards.

Also if your baby comes out with a positive blood type you have to get the shot again after LO is born. I had to get it with DD1 because she's A+, but since DD2 came out A- I didn't have to get it again.

Doctors suggest getting the shot because if your baby is positive and you're negative there's a possibility some antibodies can attack the unborn baby.

Here's websites if you want more info on it!

Hope that helped with any questions!

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Thanks, I'm just trying to learn as much as possible. At my last appointment my doctor told me that I'm A neg and I'll have to get the shots, I asked her to explain it and she used that doctor babble, I felt silly asking her to dumb it down for me. I really hate getting shots and taking medication because you never know what kindof junk they've put in it.

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The Rhogam shot is essential if your baby has a positive blood type and you plan on having any more babies. What happens is if your baby's blood is Rh positive and you are exposed to his/her blood (through birth, miscarriage, etc), your body will make antibodies against the Rh proteins. That is how your body works to get rid of colds and viruses too. If you have antibodies, your blood will attack and kill whatever comes into your body with those particular proteins. The first time you have a baby who is Rh positive, your body most likely will not kill the child. However, since antibodies will be made if you don't get the shot, your body can kill any other baby you have who is Rh positive.

I'm B-, and I've had the Rhogam shot 6 times: during week 28 of each of my 3 pregnancies, and then again after each of my 3 births. It always hurts when I'm pregnant, but it never has hurt after I've had my babies. It doesn't matter to me though. Any pain is worth it to develop healthy pregnancies and deliver healthy babies. Hope that helped!

ETA: For those of you with Rh+ blood, if your baby is negative, there are no worries because all negative means is there is an absence of that particular protein. And if your baby is positive, you have the protein, so your blood doesn't see it as a foreign substance.