Rose-Lynn Birth Story

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Rose-Lynn Birth Story

Hi everyone! Thanks again for the well wishes and support through this journey. We got home today. Smile

Ill keep this short and sweet. Basically early Wed my water broke, but it was a trickle not a gush. Contractions took some time to start - while I waited I packed, called husband, and doctor. When DH got home we went into doc - he check me and confirmed I was in labor and to go to the hospital. Shortly after check-in water gushed and contractions picked up but not strong enough to make progress. 2 bags of pitocin and a bunch of hours later still no progress. Doc informed me that in a few more hours Id hit 24 hours of water breaking and he would advise c cection. I told him to just go need to wait a few more hours. So he did. She was born 7 lb 10 oz. 20 inches.

Name: "Rose-Lynn Annie Lemieux."
Rose = Frederic grandma.
Lynn = my mom's given middle name.
Annie = Annie Lennox song Sweet Dreams playing the moment she was born.
Lemieux = "the best" in French which is DH last name.

Im pretty sore. But she is super healthy. And we are super happy. Basically, no matter how she got into my arms - that's what is most important to me.

The coolest thing was the radio on in the OR. While Sweet Dreams was the song when she was pulled out. Her first cries were to Sara Mclachlan's Arms of an Angel. And when my DH brought her over to me during clean up - James Blunt "Beautiful" was on. In that order. Ill never forget........I think that will be my advice to pregnant moms from now on. Vaginal or Cesarean, music is cool.

Thanks again ladies! Go June babies and June mamas!!!! Im looking forward to a great summer - and getting to know all your little ones. Smile

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What a lovely memory you have with the music!! That's really wonderful. Congrats again to you, mamma! More pics, please! Smile

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glad to hear things went smooth for ya...been wondering how you were. congrats on the baby girl!

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Your daughter is sooo cute, I love her chubby cheeks! And I love your practical approach to your labor and delivery. Way to be reasonable and just get baby out in a healthy time that you were comfortable with.
Happy recovery and bonding time to your whole family!

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Congrats! I wish they would have had music on in my c-section, I didn't even think to ask!